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The Denver Broncos Could Cut Tim Tebow? Not A Chance

The latest firestorm to hit the internet comes from Mike Freeman of CBSSports, who wrote that the Denver Broncos could cut Tim Tebow.  He also says they could trade Tebow or keep him.  That's in depth stuff, folks.

Here is the quote everyone is getting so riled up about:

"The consensus in speaking with a handful of team personnel executives when it comes to one Tim Tebow is this: A trade could happen, but it's becoming increasingly likely the Broncos will keep or cut Tebow because the trade interest is dwindling rapidly."

The Broncos cutting Tebow was not the first thing I thought about when I read it.  Hardly.  It was simply Freeman doing what he likely has to do - give a weekly 'pulse' of where the phantom quarterback controversy in Denver stands, specifically when it comes to Tebow.  Freeman simply does this, touching on every possibility available to the Broncos in terms of Tebow - trade him, cut him or keep him.

The Broncos also have that option with all 90 players currently on the roster - is that such a big deal?

Listen, I get it, people simply cannot fathom the Broncos could take the patient approach with Tebow and tuck him away for all of 2011, only to see him resurface as a more polished version of himself instead of offering him up to the media for interviews and allowing every snap he takes from center to get over-analyzed by guys like Merrile Hoge.  How does that help Tim Tebow?

The time has come for patience - from the Broncos, from Tebow, himself, from the fans and from the media who rely on Tebow snippets to drive traffic and get people to buy newspapers.  It's time for Tebow to take a step back in 2011 in order to take 3 steps forward in 2012.  It's the best for him right now.

Just because Tim Tebow is the 3rd string quarterback - if that is indeed what he is - in 2011 doesn't mean the goal isn't to make him the #1 quarterback in 2012.  The Broncos finally have the right approach - are they trying to win in 2011?  Of course, and they know they have plenty of decisions to make in 2012.

There is plenty of time to talk about all of that.  For now, try not to fall into the trap.  There is NOTHING in the quote by Freeman to suggest that the Broncos are looking to cut Tim Tebow, or trade Tim Tebow.  It was simply an update on where things stand - which is the same place they stood back when John Elway and John Fox were hired - Kyle Orton is the starting quarterback.  For now, it appears that Brady Quinn is the #2.  From there, it's time to let Tim Tebow get his head on straight and get back to becoming what it is we ALL want him to become - the future starting quarterback of the Denver Broncos.