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MHR Poll of the Week for August 22, 2011: Better Late Than Never

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Sorry for the delay folks, but the Mile High Report Poll of the Week missed a week and was delayed a day, but it's back, and after the results of two weeks ago, pumped to get back to keeping ourselves close to the pulse of Mile High Report. Two weeks ago we asked you what type of running back system you would use if you were a NFL head coach, and once again you blew away the previous record in terms of votes, and we had a clear winner:

Answer: Votes Percentage
One Primary Back 203 15%
Tandem Backs 1022 76%
Don't Really Care 112 8%
Total: 1337 100%


It's pretty clear that the mentality of fans here in Denver has changed since the days of TD and it might be for the best, with a solid stable of backs that Denver currently has. A decent number of respondents answered Don't Really Care and mentioned that what they would do would vary season by season depending on who they drafted or picked up in free agency and that they wouldn't try and just use one system.

So with the great results from the last poll, and two pre-season games to look back on, this weeks poll will continue looking at the running game. Let's get to it.

This week's question that I am posing to you is going to build on last weeks question as well as get a feel for how you would run a team. If you were a NFL head coach, would you be run focused (Reeves, Fox). This style usually doesn't make the big play, but focuses on grinding it out and time control. Pass focused (late Shanny, McD). This style was incredibly popular here, especially with guys like Brandon Marshall and Brandon Lloyd catching the ball. Or do you prefer a balance of the two, maybe not really doing one of the other well, but having both?