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POLL: Name The 'Highly Knowledgable' Denver Broncos Source Regarding Tim Tebow

By now you have all read or heard about Michael Silver's column about Tim Tebow. If not, I'll bring you up to speed. Silver, with over 20 years in the business, says he was going to Denver to do a story about Von Miller, Elvis Dumervil, anything other than Tim Tebow but had little choice after what he heard while he was there. On record were quotes by John Elway, John Fox and Brandon Lloyd. Off record, of course, was one 'highly knowledgeable member of the Denver Broncos organization' who had this to say about the Broncos' phantom quarterback controversy:

"If everything was totally equal, and this were a competition based only on performance at this camp, Tebow would probably be the fourth-string guy. Kyle [Orton] is far and away the best, and Tebow’s way behind [Brady] Quinn, too. And I’m telling you, Adam Weber is flat-out better right now."

Exactly, someone within the hallowed walls of Dove Valley has said Adam Weber is better right now than Tim Tebow. I have my own opinion on who would say this, but I'd like to hear yours.