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Denver Broncos Safety Rahim Moore Fined $20,000

#Broncos safety Rahim Moore fined $20,000 by NFL for hit Saturday night against the Buffalo Bills.less than a minute ago via web Favorite Retweet Reply

Last Wednesday, Ndamukong Suh received a $20,000 fine for a late hit on Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton. This Wednesday, Rahim Moore receives a $20,000 fine for his hit on Donald Jones. .

Many around the league expected a fine to come after Rahim Moore's vicious hit on Saturday night against the Bills. With the NFL's player safety initiative, Rahim Moore was essentially a shoe-in to receive a fine on that 3rd and 19 play. Devastating hits on defenseless receivers will be taken very seriously, regardless of the players' intent. Whether or not you believe Moore launched himself, led with the helmet, or what have you; the NFL deemed it worthy of a fine.

After watching and re-watching this hit and listening to the broadcasters discuss the play, I'm convinced that this play was more than blown out of proportion. Moore saw the ball in the air and threw his shoulder into Donald Jones' body to make sure that the wide receiver was unable to make the catch. He was successful in doing so, but due to the fact that Donald Jones was motionless on the sidelines after the hit and the eruption of the crowd, the flag was thrown. It probably didn't help that the hit occurred right in front of the Buffalo Bills' bench, either.

A fight nearly erupted and it took several minutes to establish order on the field. That's how I saw it. The play wasn't dirty, in my opinion, and there was never any confirmation that Rahim Moore was actually ejected (despite the numerous reports from the broadcasters booth that Moore was ejected). Rahim Moore stayed on the bench talking with an assistant, something that he likely wouldn't have been allowed to do if he was actually ejected from the game.

As for the scouting reports that indicated Rahim Moore was often tentative to make a big hit... I guess we can put those rumors to bed.