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Denver Broncos 23 Seattle Seahawks 20 Post-Game Thread

Broncos Seahawks
Score 23 20
Passing Yards 302 125
Rushing Yards 148 58
Turnovers 1 0
3rd down Conversion 3/14 5/14
TOP 34:42 25:18
Sacks 5 4

Broncos Win Broncos win! The Denver Broncos defeated the Seattle Seahawks 23-20. Not to be biased (even though I am), the game was not as close as the score showed. The Broncos first team was up 17-3 against Seattle's first team. After the game was tied 20-20 with a minute to play, Tim Tebow put a run of his own combined with a long Lance Ball screen to lead a game-winning kick by Steven Hauschka

What did you like? What didn't you like? Who got  your offensive game ball? Who got your defensive game ball? For me it is Eric Decker and Von Miller


Keep it clean, and positive as hey! The Broncos won!