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Broncos 2011 Training Camp-Kaptain's Log-Day 7

Photo by Kaptain Kirk 8/4/22

It is raining as I pull into the Dove Valley parking lot. I'm a little more than an hour early. The lot attendant says that practice was postponed for a bit and to stay in our cars for a bit. The  weather looks like it will clear up, but I just drove for an hour to get here. A little rain isn't going to deter me. Besides, I brought a poncho and I don't know that the weather has canceled too many football games. I came to see our Broncos dangit!

It's still sprinkling when they decide to let the crowd enter. It's about 10 minutes until the practice is scheduled to begin. I see Matt Prater in Full Pads, so I know there will be some hitting going on today. I find a seat at the 42 yard line in an area that I claim squatters rights. I unfold my brand new poncho and cover all my gear up. It's a bit unorthodox, but I end up making the head opening big enough so I can see what I'm writing down. Hey, whatever works right. As long as you get your fix. By the time I'm settled in, the players are all on the field. There is thunder in the distance, but it is moving away. The JUG's machine is shooting punts to Eddie Royal, Perrish Cox and Syd'Quan ThompsonHORN.

Live punt  practice begins and there are anywhere from 6 to 8 players lined up for the Gunner position. I guess attrition will decide the outcome of the depth chart. Kyle McCarthy plays at the Personal Protector to spell David Bruton. HORN.

The 2nd teams move to the opposite field and the 1's stays on the field, lining up on the 5 yard line to my left. This means I'll miss the action some because of the wall of players between me and the action. In fact, perhaps I should just refer you to this post of John's since he had a front row seat for this segment. Each quarterback gets around four reps and then they switch directions. Tim Tebow throws a pass to Eddie Royal. On the next play we see him run an option to the right. HORN.       

I don't see DJ Williams out there, but Wesley Woodyard is working at WILL Linebacker in his place. Joe Mays is the MIKE and VON Miller, the SAM.The Safeties are Brian Dawkins and Rahim Moore, with Champ Bailey and Andre' Goodman at Cornerback. across the Line are: Robert Ayers, Kevin Vickerson, Broderick Bunkley and Elvis Dumervil. Cassius Vaughn is the Nickel back and if I'm not mistaken, one of the Defensive Linemen goes out for the Nickel. At least from what I can see. The tempo is still slow-paced at one quarter speed. Kyle passes to Eric Decker
and then he hits Dan Gronkowski, before they run a Flea Flicker and Orton throws it to Daniel Fells (86). The rain has stopped, so I put the poncho aside and watch Brady Quinn over throw a double covered Matthew Willis. Rahim Moore should have picked that one off. Quinn hits Matthew Willis twice more. HORN. 

A funky beat gets laid down. Music for the Rich Tuten Stretch and Flex Show. "Do the Dog" by the Specials is playing while the players do their lunges and crossover sidesteps. Outkast's song, "Hey Ya!" is the next cut on the play-list and the music lightens the gloomy gray skies. The players move on to their upper body stretching while spread across the field. U2's "Streets Have No Name" follows. As this third song fades away, the HORN sounds.

The Offense runs a play, then sprint 20 yards down the field. The 2nd team follows suit and the 3rd Team runs last. They turn around and all 3 units run the drill back up the field. I notice that there are Referees on the field and the Chain Gang returneth, sans chain (I guess they got tired of untangling it). HORN. 

Individual position drills begin. The Tight Ends block against each other and the O-Line does their thing. The quarterbacks go through hand off drills with the Running Backs and the Wide Receivers run pass routes. I decide to take a few pictures at this point. The Running Backs are running short patterns and Brady Quinn hits Willis McGahee (23) in stride. Next up, Quinn passes to Moreno and Knowshow transmuted into "Know Show Off" with a one-handed catch. a Whistle sounds and the QB's join the Tight Ends to work on some short passes. The Running Backs run through their hurdles and the Wide Receivers change patterns and continue. After about 5 minutes, the quarterbacks join the Wide Receivers and the drills speed up in tempo. Tebow hits Britt Davis on a short square in that looked good. His next pass is a longer route and Tebow throws it at Britt's feet incomplete. Tin runs the play again to Mark Dell with much better results. (This is one of the things I am looking for out of Tebow. Learn and correct your mistakes). Tebow throws a post to Dell that is nice. HORN.

It looks like a full scrimmage, but for the crowd of players standing behind the Offensive Huddle. Knowshon carries around the right side, then around the left side on the next play. I decide to watch Orlando Franklin for a few plays. He moved pretty good on the backside during Moreno. Willis McGahee's first carry in Denver's Training Camp goes for 10-12 yards. Von Miller puts Franklin on his butt and the play is whistled dead for a Sack.  Tebow runs the option left and keeps it. Lance Ball is stopped over the right side of the line by Mike Mohamed and two others. I see Ty Warren (76) and I am impressed with his size. He is a big, wide body. Tebow option right laterals late to Knowshon, who is out of bounds. I notice LenDale White's back must still be sore, since he is out of uniform. Tebow throws an inside screen to Britt Davis, then Mario Fannin meets Marcus Thomas with a resounding clash. Fannin gets the next carry and takes it 6 yards. Brady Quinn fakes an inside hand off and throws a quick out to Eron Riley. Jeremiah Johnson gets a tough 4 yards. HORN.

The players take a short break and then it's time for some 7 on 7 action. Orton passes to Brandon Lloyd with Wesley Woodyard covering. Orton to Moreno over the middle and then Daniel Fells makes a sliding catch of an Orton pass at the sideline. Kyle completes a pass to Eddie Royal that Rahim Moore tries unsuccessfully to jump. Then Kyle throws to the end zone for Lloyd, but Andre' Goodman and Rahim Moore had position on Lloyd and the pass fell incomplete. Brady Quinn passes to Matthew Willis. The pair tries to connect once more on a deep route and the pass is overthrown. Quinn throws behind Mark Dell (83) for ten yards. Tim Tebow has a pass knocked down by Syd'Quan Thompson. His next pass is over the middle to Moreno. Then Tebow throws behind Eron Riley incomplete. They end up having to re huddle twice to get things straightened out, the n Tebow throws a wobbler that Virgil Green can't handle. Quinn passes to Eron Riley. Adam Weber's passe intended for David Anderson and David Bruton had it picked off. Weber tries again and completes it to Richard QuinnHORN.

They switch ends for another round of 11 on 11's. On an Orton completion to Brandon Lloyd, Orlando Franklin takes care of Von Miller's rush on the play. Kyle to Eric Decker. Orton misses Lloyd and Franklin takes care of Robert Ayers. Kyle passes to Lloyd. Perrish Cox breaks up a long Tebow pass to Britt Davis. Derrick Harvey and Mike Mohamed pressure Tebow and the coach whistles a Sack. Brady Quinn passes to Mark Dell and on the next play, hangs in the pocket despite good pressure and hits David Anderson 20 yards downfield. Tim Tebow overthrows Eron Riley and Brady hits Dante Rosario with David Bruton covering. Adam Weber under pressure, throws an incomplete pass at his Receiver's feet. He fixes the problem with a completion to D'Andre GoodwinHORN.           

Special Teams segment. Punt protect and Get Off drills. I see the Wide Receivers practice tip drills using a soccer ball on the far field. The red socks are adorned by a Scout team and they run against the Punt protection. Jeff Rodgers and Keith Burns are running 3 drills at once during this segment. There are at least six players trying out for the two Gunner positions. I'm afraid attrition will sort it all out. Surprisingly, Jeff Rodgers still has his voice. They do 3 full live reps. HORN.

11 on 11's once more. Kyle throws a couple of in-completes and Brady Quinn really has a good session with some decisive passes. Tebow is indecisive and pulls it down and runs. He passes to Willis and then Quinn complete to Mark Dell. Adam Weber high incomplete intended for Julius Thomas. Weber again, tries to hit D'Andre Goodwin and it's broken up by Perrish Cox. Tebow straight run. HORN.                                                                                                       
They switch sides and Knowshon Moreno runs up the middle for some decent yardage, then bounces left and gains some positive yards. Orton hits Spencer Larsen out of the backfield. Brady Quinn to Julius Thomas on a very good looking play. Lance Ball gets two carries foe 15 and 5 yards respectively. Brady Quinn completes two passes to Matthew Willis. Tebow has a pass batted down at the line by Marcus Thomas. Mario Fannin gets a tough 4 yards. Tebow leads Eron Riley too far incomplete. Jeremiah Johnson goes 15 yards around the right side. Brandon Minor up the middle for 5 yards. HORN.

The Field Goal Unit makes it's first appearance of Training Camp. Steven Hauschka makes 3 Field Goals and they mone  back 5 yards. Two fakes are attempted with Britton Colquitt rolling out and hits Richard Quinn on one and Virgil Green on the other. The HORN sounds the final time.     
The Tight Ends are signing autographs today and I manage to get 3 or 4. It's been a really long productive day.

Go Broncos!