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Despite Stormy Broncos Skies,There Are Brighter Days Ahead!

The Double Rainbow over Dove Valley.  Good Luck, indeed!
The Double Rainbow over Dove Valley. Good Luck, indeed!

I was walking out to my car after Friday's Denver Broncos training camp workout, wondering how I would breakdown Tim Tebow's post-practice comments, Mario Fannin's injury and the rest of the day's events.  The rain was starting again and the wind began to howl. I quickly opened the door and looked to my left, and there it was - a double rainbow over Dove Valley.  Suddenly it all became clear to me.

It was a sign.

Quit taking all this for granted and sweating the small stuff.  Sometimes I need these slaps in the face to remind me of just how cool rooting for the Broncos and being a member of Broncos Country is.  How great it is that all of us Broncos fans from all over the world can come here to MHR, or any other site you might frequent and talk about the team we love, even if they give us heart burn from time to time.

It also reminds me that, after every storm, the sun shines brightly and the skies clear.  These are stormy times for our beloved Broncos, but if this double-rainbow is any indication, the clear skies are coming, and the sun will soon be shining.

No matter where you fall on any of the controversies swirling around the Broncos, remember, we are all in this together.