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MHR Poll of the Week for August 7, 2011: Running Back(s)

So last week we nearly doubled the previous best in terms of votes, and I hope we can keep these numbers up, the more votes we have, the better picture of what Broncos fans think we can get. So after reviewing last weeks question, in which I asked what off-season acquisition you thought was best, we had some results that went fairly predictably. With such a great turnout to the voting booths, we got a good look at what you thought:

Answer: Votes Percentage
Signing K Prater 431 35%
Signing LB Woodyard 93 8%
Signing DT McBean 49 4%
Signing RB McGahee 463 37%
Signing WR Anderson 22 2%
Trading WR Gaffeny for DL Jarmon 180 15%
Total: 1238 100%

During the first two days of voting McGahee and Prater were swinging back and forth for the top spot, but it looks like adding McGahee edged out our kicker extraordinaire by around 30 votes. Both moves make sense to me, adding McGahee will hopefully boost a struggling running attack and Prater has been one of the steady players on the team these past two years. Overall, returning players (Prater, Woodyard and McBean) took 47% of the vote. The addition of Anderson to our wide receivers received the fewest votes, about as many votes as he has receptions actually, well not really, he has almost four times as many receptions as he got votes. The trade of Jabar Gaffney for Jeremy Jarmon came in third with 15% of the votes.

With that covered, let's get to this week's question:

This past off-season we've added four new running backs, most of whom may not make the roster, but Willis McGahee is the start of these new arrivals, and is expected to make an instant impact. So with running backs on my mind, I wanted to ask you about running backs and how they are used in the NFL. So this weeks question is about one back or two back systems and which works the best. We as Denver fans saw TD take the stage and be a premier back, growing up I wouldn't take him out of the game ever, but we saw the effect that took on his game, and his body. In recent years, tandem backs have ruled Denver. So the poll of the week is this: If you became a NFL head coach, what type of running back system would look to use?