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Mario Fannin Clears Waivers and Goes on Injured Reserve

Broncos rookie RB Mario Fannin has cleared waivers and will be placed on the team's injured reserve list.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply

After being carted off the field on Friday, Mario Fannin was waived by the Denver Broncos. However, this undrafted rookie out of Auburn has cleared waivers and will be placed on the Broncos' injured reserve list. This is excellent news for Broncos fans. Fannin was turning some heads during Broncos training camp, even catching the attention of our own Kirk Davis, who has had nice things to say about Fannin almost every day of his "Kaptain's Log". When Mario Fannin heals up, he could come back and become an asset to the Broncos, who were 26th in rushing yards per game during the 2010 season.