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Vegas Has Little Respect Or Expectation For 2011 Denver Broncos

How about something different than the quarterback situation? released their team Wins Over/Under props for the 2011 season. These guys do this for a living and, safe to say, if they mess up futures bets, well, they won't be in business very long.

It's a good indication of where the the bookies think the Broncos, and every other team in the NFL, will be once the season is over. As expected, the Broncos are not expected to do much this season.

BoDog has the Broncos at 5.5 wins for the season meaning they see Denver finishing 5-11. 6-10, over course, would be a loser if someone takes the Over so they are trying to find a number that really makes someone think. The Broncos were 4-12 in 2010 - without Elvis Dumervil. Are they better as we head into 2011? Two games better?

The Carolina Panthers were the worst at 4.5. Denver, along with the Cincinnati Bengals and Buffalo Bills are 5.5. The rest of the AFC West has the Oakland Raiders at 6.5, Kansas City Chiefs at 7.5 and San Diego Chargers at 10.

The New England Patriots and Green Bay Packers are the highest at 11.5.

You turn. You have $100. Where would your money go on the Over/Under from Broncos wins?