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Open Thread: Preseason Week 4 Early Games

Seems a bit odd calling these "early games", with them all coming on late Thursday afternoon (or evening for east coasters like me), but that's what we're doing. Maybe we should come up with some sort of term for any games that occur before the Broncos game, which is what we all came here for, in the first place?

BC is Before Christ and BCE is Before the Common Era, so maybe we will call this the "BBG", before Broncos games thread.

The Lions and Bills will kick off the evening around 4:30 PM MST (6:30 EST), which is about a half hour from now. After that, we have to wait another three and a half hours until the Broncos kick off in Arizona.

That's an awful long time to wait for Brady Quinn and Tim Tebow to take the reigns of the Broncos offense. I figure that, since we're going to be waiting around for the Broncos game, we might as well talk about all the other games that are happening. Feel free to use this open thread to do exactly that.

Have a great evening and, as always, Go Broncos!!!