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Preseason Game #4: Denver Broncos at Arizona Cardinals 2nd Half Open Thread

It was a rough first half for the Denver Broncos.  Syd'Quan Thompson and Nate Irving both left the field with injuries. Britt Davis got the snot knocked out of him by Hamza AbdullahBrady Quinn fumbled and threw a terrible interception to close out the half. Worst of all, the Broncos backup defense was getting torched like the 2008-2010 Broncos defenses. Hopefully adjustments are made during halftime and a better effort can be put forth in the second half.

The guys that have stood out, thus far have been Nate Irving and Darcel McBath. Until he was injured, Nate Irving was all over the field, making a bunch of plays in the background. Darcel McBath was able to come up with a beautiful diving interception midway through the second quarter, as well, reminding me of a couple Champ Bailey interceptions of years past. He was also inches away from duplicating that diving interception a few minutes later, with about 8 minutes left in the half.

These guys are supposedly fighting for their jobs, here. They better make plays while they have a chance. Hopefully more Broncos will step up and make plays in this coming half. They trail the Cardinals 20-0. Time to turn things around. 

Go Broncos!!!