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Several Injured Broncos Remain Out

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While we all try to put the Monday Night debacle behind us, it becomes increasingly hard to do when reminders of the physical beating the Broncos took continue to slam into us.  As the Denver Post has reported, all of the injured Denver Broncos missed practice this morning, meaning it is becoming more and more likely that the Broncos could be significantly short-handed when the Cincinnati Bengals come to town on Sunday.

The Broncos are still without the services of Ty Warren, Demaryius Thomas, Marcus Thomas and D.J. Williams.  Those players haven't been available for awhile.  The Broncos took a beating Monday night, too, with the team arguably losing their best offensive(Brandon Lloyd, Knowshon Moreno) and defensive(Champ Bailey, Elvis Dumervil) to injury Monday night.

It is Dumervil's injury that worries me the most.  A muscle strain in his shoulder, Dumervil relies on using his long arms to keep bigger offensive lineman off him when rushing opposing quarterbacks.  As we saw Monday night, if Doom cannot use his arms he can not be effective, making the job harder on rookie Von Miller.

There is still tomorrow, of course, but the Broncos will likely be shorthanded somewhere - if not on both sides of the ball.