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NFL Weekly Picks (Week 2): Whidbey Bronco and Tim Lynch Make Their Picks

     Last week, Azbroncomaniac and Chris Doll faced off in our inaugural MHR Reader/Staff Weekly Picks Contest. Needless to say, Azbroncomaniac put the MHR Staff in a deep hole by correctly picking ten out of the fifteen winners while Chris only managed six correct picks. Congratulations to Az . . .your autographed hat will be on its way soon.

This week our reader is that MHR member known as Whidby bronco. Whidby bronco writes:

I grew up on football, Pop's was a Cowboys fan, so I'm still a bit of a cowboys fan (I NEVER give up on my loyalty. Hell I'm still a Royals fan cause I went to see them with the Cub Scouts!). But I followed Morton, Charlie Waters, Dorsett and then my home to Evergreen, Elway arrived and Jerry Jones bought the Cowboys... I've been a ULTRA HARD CORE Broncos 1st fan ever since... all my gear is Broncos. Cars, clothes, hardhat - I'm a Bronco. ...And I'm as excited about our future as I have been since just before Shanny was fired... I believe in the slow process. I'm sickened by the drama queen, knee-jerk fans and I come in on the "Keep Orton while we evaluate our team and grow our next QB" end of things. I'm planning on kicking Zappa's ass in our fantasy league and winning this week's picks would just be icing on the cake! Go Broncos!!!!

Whidby bronco will be competing with Tim Lynch. Tim writes:

When Tim Lynch was first asked to write his bio he tried to think of a way to insert Tim Tebow into the conversation. After all, Tim Lynch picks winners in a pick'em league like Tim Tebow dominates the SEC. If you happen to be the unfortunate soul that must face the Lynch Mob, you had better bring your B+ game, cause lets face it...Tim Lynch does things halfassed. And why the hell can't I pick the Broncos game?

And now, onto the picks




Readers Staffers
Last Week 10-5 6-9
Seasson to Date 10-5 6-9


Green Bay@Carolina

Whidby bronco: The Packers giving up ten to Cam @ Carolina? Maybe not ten on the road but the win? Yessir. Green Bay.


Tim:Green Bay all the way! Cam Newton can't throw and Aaron Rogers looks like a 70's porn star. When you rock it like a disco ball then you will be scoring all over the place.



Whidby bronco: The Redskins coming off a classic Shanny performance against a division rival, at home vs a young/weak secondary? Washington.


Tim:Rex Grossman finally has a coach who knows a thing or two about quarterbacking, but his coach still hates defense. I really don't like Arizona here, but Shanny is always a let down after a big win. Welcome to the country club folks!


Kansas City@Detroit

Whidby bronco: How cool is it to see a team that's been down for so long Like the Lions ...rebuilt through the draft and winning? Even better when they're beating your enemy! The Lions beat the Chiefs.





Whidby bronco: I live in Seahawk country and really feel for these guys... The Steelers are PISSED and they will destroy Seattle.


Tim:Oh my. I sort of feel bad for Tavarius Jackson, because that Steeler defense is going to want to get their manhood back - and what better way than against one of the worst teams in football.  This one is going to be ugly folks.  Whidbey is a closet Seahawks fan, so I'd be surprised if he picks the Steelers here.  Homer.



Whidby bronco: Baltimore @ Tennessee? After what I saw last week vs Pittsburgh, I won't be betting against the Ravens until something changes. Look out for Locker if that defense hurts Hasselback! Ravens.


Tim: The Ravens won't be eating crow in this game. They might just be my dark horse candidate for the Super Bowl - not that they should be dark horses, but it happens when you stand fully in the shadow of Pittsburgh. Tennesse sucks.


Chicago@New Orleans

Whidby bronco: The Bears and my favorite ex-Bronco QB NOT named Elway AT New Orleans... This one's so hard. er, no it's not. No points, on the road - Sorry Jay, I'll be pulling for you but the smart pick is the Saints. (I will say that the Bears CAN win this game. The Saints secondary is SUSPECT, the Bears D is strong and Cutler might very well be who I think he is... at which time I will shortly but succinctly point out to the MHR world how wrong they are about him heh heh)


Tim:Gotta love Cutler's typical 2 TD 1 INT day, but he has a nasty defense eating small children, while defecating all over your lunch. However, Cutler loves to follow a epic beat down with a craptastic effort, so I'm going Saints here. 



Whidby bronco: I expected more from Holmgren... Cleveland is bad. I pick the Colts. Last week IMO was as much a Kubiak team that's been coming together for some years now as it was Manning being out. The old man they have in there now should be capable of an Orton-like performance and beat the Browns at home.


Tim:Wow. Can I pick both teams to lose please?  If this were based on popular opinion, Cleveland would win - therefore I bet Whidbey is buying up Browns stock like they were a contender. The Colts briskly take themselves out of the Luck hunt in this game.


Tampa Bay@Minnesota

Whidby bronco: This one's truly hard for me to pick. I didn't really watch much of the Tampa phenomenon that was last year... are they that good? Is Freeman the real deal? Is their coach for that matter? IMO the Vikes window to win with the talent they have has closed but at home against the Bucs?? It doesn't help that I have zero interest in this game. NOT a Mcnabb fan. I'll go against Vegas and pick the Bucs. (I have a bad feeling about this one)


Tim:McNabb sucks - good God. Plus he lost to the Chargers when his team had them by the throats.  Screw Minnesota...they should have given the Broncos a 1st rounder for Orton. Whoops, Tampa Bay all over this one.


Jacksonville@New York Jets

Whidby bronco: Jets. They're not all that but at home they surely beat a team who can't even pick it's QB a week before the season starts.


Tim:I hate Jacksonville. Screw you! 1996, Mark Brunell...I hate you.  New York Jets will be my weapon against them. Suffer my wrath, Jacksonville!  



Whidby bronco: Screw the Raiders. They might beat the Bills but I like Fitz at home and I'm sure as hell not REACHING to pick the Raiders on the road two weeks in a row. Bills. (Hopefully they do to the Raiders as they did the Chiefs)


Tim:Man I really wish I hadn't drafted Peyton Manning in my FF league. I got Ryan Fitzpatrick - who was great against the Chiefs.  Now he gets a pass rush...we all saw how he did against our pass rush.  I'm screwed in Fantasy Football, but I still think the Bills find a way to upset the Raiders. Cocky bastards are so undisciplined, they probably will lose this game.


Dallas@San Francisco

Whidby bronco: If the Cowboys get healthy and somehow learn to protect Romo I think they could win the NFC.


Tim:Tony Romo had the best game Jerry Jones has ever seen last week.  Let's hope he does just a wee bit better in this game. Alex Smith sucks and DeMarcus Ware is looking rather beastly this year. The 'boys bounce back and Romo makes Jones' comment look even more stupid with an actual good game.


San Diego@New England

Whidby bronco: I look forward to New England beating (hopefully destroying San Diego). Pats. (Damn Brady looked amazing last week didn't he?)


Tim:I am glad this game is in Boston. San Diego is like oh for a 100 when flying to the east coast. Which is good cause I hate them too. Tom Brady is on my other two fantasy football teams, so I am chomping at the bit for another 50 point fantasy football night. OH MAMA!  Thank you for rescuing me from the jaws of two likely FF defeats!  Suckas!



Whidby bronco: Though I was impressed by Henne's play last week  (considering how bad he's supposed to be), the Texans are for real. Go Kubes!! Houston.


Tim:I hate this game. The homer pick - aka Whidbey's pick - would be Houston here. Big win over Indy will likely equate to a big let down in Miami. lol What to do...what to do.  I guess I'll go with the better quarterback in Matt Shaub.  I have a bad feeling about this game though - the same bad feeling I had Monday morning about the Broncos-Raider game.  I hate my bad always ends with a bad reality.



Whidby bronco: Uh oh. Flip a coin. I would have kept Kolb cause I predict Vick doesn't last the season but DAMN they have some talent now don't they? Still, I'll pick the home team. Falcons. (Watch out for Vick having something to prove to Atlanta though!!)


Tim:As the great Walt over Walter's Football would say, The QB Dog Killer will get killed in his glorious return to Georgia. Atlanta got crushed and will be looking for redemption and Philly is the most overrated team since the 1997 Kansas City Chiefs. 


St. Louis@New York Giants

Whidby bronco: The Giants were outplayed by the Redskins and out-schemed by our SHOULD STILL BE coach Shanny. McD may have a clever scheme but Karma gets him and Bradford and my fave FF back Jackson are dinged... The Giants win a close one.


Tim:I love the Rams....until they played the Eagles.  Now I love the Giants. I watched large parts of the Giants game and they should have won that game. Dumbasses. I know Whidbey will take the Giants, cause well, he's a homer, so I guess I will too. I'm not buying stock in the Rams two weeks in a row cause that would just be dumtarded.