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MHR Poll of the Week for September 18, 2011: Who to Shut Down?

Last week's poll was the last before the season officially started for the Broncos, and I asked what record you thought the Broncos would end the season with, and we nearly reached a new record in respondents. We saw a fairly strong grouping, with not a lot of variation in what members thought the end record would be. Let's take a look at the results from last week and a few thoughts from you.

7-9 and I have to say, it was weird watching games today not worrying about NFC vs AFC and what not because I have no expectations it will matter for Denver since we won’t be a playoff team.

This is going to be a weird year of watching football.

I very much enjoyed the KC loss and San Diego looks like their usual 10-6 with early playoff exit self.

Guess Colt McCoy isn’t a franchise QB just yet.

I was impressed with Newton and Peterson. 2011 draft looks good at the top. Love to see Von go crazy this year and post 12+ sacks.


I predict 6-10

I think the Broncos have made substantial strides in rebuilding this year. They appear to have actually drafted well (for once), and now have competent coaching.

However, our schedule this year is much MUCH tougher than last years. Last year, the AFC West was matched up against a weakened AFC South, and an utterly putrid NFC West. That fact that Denver only managed four wins against that relatively benign schedule last year is an indication of just how low our team had fallen. This year, we have the misfortune of being matched up against what are arguably the two toughest divisions in football – the NFC North and the AFC east. Ouch. That is why while I think our record will not improve significantly, even though the team is better than last year.


I voted 10-6

But it’s very possible that it’s far worse. We’re not very deep, and we weren’t last year either, something I blame Shanny for, not McD. Last year we got killed by injuries (Doom, Clady, Harris, Goodman) to some of our most important players. That was a bit unlucky. While it’s possible they repeat, some injuries are a bit more random in nature and are not likely too. Assuming health along the offensive line, plus improvement from last year’s rookies, and health to VonDoom, this team will be markedly better in the trenches. We have a nice passing attack, and a decent secondary. If we can control the line of scrimmage on both sides, the team should be very strong. Assuming health to most of our key players, I’d consider anything less than 8-8 a disappointment, and see no reason we shouldn’t be able to win 10 games. If we’re healthy and go 6-10, I’ll call for Fox to be replaced.

egotistical ma


Slightly better (10-6?) if relatively healthy, slightly worse (6-10) if afflicted by injuries (due to lack of depth).

Big play, but relatively porous DEF will mean we win some we shouldn’t, but also lose some we should win.


Answer: Votes Percentage
0-16 5 0%
1-15 0 0%
2-14 8 1%
3-13 10 1%
4-12 15 1%
5-11 63 4%
6-10 165 11%
7-9 279 19%
8-8 234 16%
9-7 355 25%
10-6 206 14%
11-5 43 3%
12-4 12 1%
13-3 11 1%
14-2 0 0%
15-1 1 0%
16-0 35 2%
Total: 1442 100%

A total of 60% of the votes feel between 7-9 and 9-7 with the votes being split almost 50-50 above and below 8-8. 9-7 won the vote though with 355 total votes and 25% of the total. 7-9 came in second, while 8-8 and 10-6 came in 3rd and 4th respectively. Strangely 1-15 and 14-2 were the losers with 0 votes, which is strange, I guess people prefer to vote 0-16 or 16-0 over near extremes.

While last week may have put a sour on many Broncos fans hopes, we now face a very winnable game against the Bengals. Looking at this week, I wanted to get a feel at who you feel we need to shut down or blow away in this game. So if you feel we need to attack the quarterback to win this, vote that way, or if we need to create turnovers, or that shutting down Cedric Benson is the key, you know what to do people, let's get to it.