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Denver Broncos Fight For 53 -- Cornerback Battle

Next up lets take a quick look at the Cornerback battle.  Champ Bailey and Andre Goodman have the starting slots squared away, and Vaughn is making a case for most improved player of the offseason behind Moreno, with a solid hold on the nickleback role.

Projected Cornerback slots up for grabs:  2
  • Perrish Cox:  For this kind of game I track "attaboys" and "ouchs" and Cox struggled mightily.  Overall in preseason he was hit and miss, really struggling whenever he played the receiver without playing the ball.  In the final game he had 3 passes that he defended poorly, a terrible defense in the endzone that would have drew multiple flags in the regular season, an ugly missed tackle on a long play and two mental errors on special teams returns units.  Projection:  His mistakes have reduced his role significantly, and if not for questionable prognosis for Syd'quan Thompson, he would be an easy choice to let walk.  Likely cut on Saturday.
  • Syd'Quan Thompson:  Squid was showing pretty good chops throughout the preseason and looked to be getting a very solid handle on the 4th Cb spot as the backup nickleback.  But an apparent strained achilles on Thrusday means that his future is in jeapordy.  Projection:  if healthy, sews up one of final two CB spots.  Risk for IR.
  • Chris Harris:  Harris made two good special teams plays, and had one very nice pass defensed.  He also had two pass plays go against him, including one with a missed tackle on his part.  He doesn't always read his safety help and rotations properly, and as a result may play inside or outside at the wrong time. Also his speed is limited. Overall his game is solid however.  Projection:  Takes one of final two CB spots.
  • Brandon Bing:  Bing showed tackling prowess and adequate coverage ability in his limited time.  He has good speed and quick, decisive turns that help him stay with most receivers.  Projection:  Waived on cutdown day, priority for Practice Squad.

This would give us a 5 deep CB squad with Bailey, Goodman, Vaughn, Thompson and Harris, though Thompson's injury may complicate that lineup and give Cox an opening to stick.

But these are just my projections.  Who and how many do you have us cutting or keeping on Saturday?