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Denver Broncos Rookie Roundup - Tennessee Titans Edition

Despite the week ruining Bronco loss in Nashville this last weekend, there were a few bright spots with regard to how our rookies played.  Dozens of MHR articles have already been written as to how and why we lost.  This is not one of those articles.  Follow me after the jump for a little positivity (and maybe a hint of negativity) in this week's installment of the Rookie Roundup.

The Good
#58 Von Miller LB:
This week, Miller again got good penetration and ended up in the Titan backfield multiple times.   In the third quarter, he finally got close enough to wreak some havoc in stripping the ball out of Matt Hasselbeck's hand, causing a fumble that the Broncos recovered.  It was this play eventually led to the Broncos ill fated 4th and Goal attempt.  It's safe to say that this won't be the last time Miller gives the offense opportunities like this.  Let's just hope that in the future they don't squander them like they did on Sunday.

#26 Rahim Moore S:
Like last week, Moore was all over the field and did a great job keeping the Titan receivers in front of him.  On the back breaking reception by Titans TE Craig Stevens, Moore was nowhere near where the reception occurred, but he still made a great effort in pursuit.  Most notably though, he was involved in the play that essentially ended Kenny Britt's season.  After reviewing the play, it's very clear that Britt's injury came as he was attempting to spin out of Moore's tackle.  The result of the play was a fumble that was recovered by the Broncos.  While morbid to say so, that fumble would not have happened without the play of Moore.    

#74 Orlando Franklin T:
We should all be very pleased with the play of Orlando Franklin.  Though the run game never really got going, Franklin was consistently keeping the Titan defense from penetrating his side.  The sloppy penalties from week one appear to be a thing of the past.  

The Okay:   
#25 Chris Harris CB:
Chris Harris certainly improved his play over last week's terrible penalty that negated an 81 yard punt from Colquitt.  He made a pair of special teams tackles.

The Bad:
#28 Quinton Carter S:
Carter played on special teams and most notably missed a tackle after Brett Kern's recieved a bad snap and was forced to run - resulting in a first down.  Had Carter made that play, the Broncos would have had the ball with the Titan 40 yard-line with under three minutes to go in the half.  Instead, the Titans ended up with three points. Granted, this can't all be pinned on Carter, but considering the margin of loss being only three points, it stands out.

Missing In Action:
#85 Virgil Green TE:
I saw Virgil on the field for a few plays, but other than that he was MIA.

#56 Nate Irving MLB
For as little of Virgil Green that I saw, there was even less of Nate Irving.  

#80 Julius Thomas TE:
Thomas was injured with a high ankle sprain less than three minutes into the first quarter of the Cincinnati game and will not play this weekend against Green Bay.  The soonest he could be expected back is in week five against San Diego. Failing that we should see him following the bye week.