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Denver Broncos News: Horse Tracks - 9/3/11


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Denver Broncos 2011 Season Preview | Sacramento Bee
In hopes of restoring the Broncos back to their former glory, franchise icon and new vice president of football operations John Elway tabbed John Fox, a man with a track record of resurrecting an organization from the depths of rock- bottom status, to aid in Denver's massive rebuilding effort.

Orton is Broncos' No. 1 QB, but who will be backup? - The Denver Post
There can be only one No. 2. Right? Tim Tebow clearly outplayed Brady Quinn in the Broncos final preseason game Thursday night against the Arizona Cardinals.

Projecting the 53-Man Roster |
Final cuts are due Saturday, but given the compromised state of the Broncos depth that was on full display Thursday at Arizona, the stress of the weekend won’t stop for those who are still on the team by Saturday evening.

Ex-Denver Broncos Coach -- The MASSIVE Real Estate Loss |
Former Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels -- the guy who drafted  Tim Tebow last year and later  got fired -- has taken ANOTHER major hit in…

NFL Rumors

Not a great day for the Gronkowski brothers: Chris Gronkowski and Dan Gronkowski both have been told they will be cut.less than a minute ago via UberSocial for BlackBerry Favorite Retweet Reply

Denver Broncos release WR Britt Davis this morning.less than a minute ago via Twitter for iPhone Favorite Retweet Reply


Denver Broncos News

Denver Broncos team report: Backup in limbo after Quinn meltdown - Sporting News
The battle for the backup quarterback job didn’t get more clear Thursday night. Rather, the performances of Brady Quinn, in particular, and Tim Tebow against the Cardinals muddied the waters. It now appears the role of the two players could change game-by-game depending on how their particular strengths suit in-season game-planning.

Broncos' cut day is never fun for players - The Denver Post
If you have given your heart and soul to an NFL dream, the worst words you can hear are: "Coach wants to see you in his office.

Broncos' Thompson joins long list of players with Achilles injuries - The Denver Post
In the loss to the Cardinals on Thursday night, Broncos cornerback SydQuan Thompson joined a rather extensive list of players who have suffered season-ending Achilles tendon injuries during the preseason.

Q&A: Broncos certain to make waiver claims on offensive linemen - The Denver Post
Todays question comes from Jim Waggoner: How many offensive linemen will the Broncos keep, and who are they? What are the final battles?

Broncos ready to cut 27 players, then study the waiver wire - The Denver Post
The Broncos football staff — both coaching and personnel — gathered at the teams Dove Valley complex late Friday afternoon and into the evening to state their cases and make the calls as the team cuts to 53 players.

Broncos asking fans to vote on slogans - The Denver Post
Attention multi-taskers who are devoted to both Facebook and the Broncos. Sports Authority wants Bronco fans to vote on slogans that will be integrated into the interior of their stadium.

Denver Broncos Blogs

NFL Cuts 2011: Broncos Will Need Help At Cornerback - SB Nation Denver
With Syd'Quan Thompson out for the season, the Denver Broncos are likely to go shopping for a cornerback on the waiver wire once teams start cutting their rosters down to the 53-man limit. But who else is expected to make the team as a cornerback?

Brady Quinn Still Looking For Time To Shine With Broncos " Predominantly Orange
Sometimes he makes the offense shine, sometimes he makes them dull. Brady Quinn entered the Broncos final preseason game last night against the Cardinals as the starter. Granted, he was playing against Arizona’s starting defense in the first series, and he wasn’t playing with his own starting offense.

WR Eron Riley made his case for final roster | First-and-Orange
Wide receiver Eron Riley was one of the last players out of the Broncos’ visiting locker room at University of Phoenix Stadium last night.

Broncos' Brian Dawkins takes questions for Denver Post "Fan Mail" | First-and-Orange
For 15 seasons, safety Brian Dawkins has been going full speed, and not just on the playing field where his relentless style earned him eight trips to the Pro Bowl. At age 37, he’s about to embark on his 16th season.

NFL News

2011 NFL Preview - AFC Top Contenders & NFL Playoff Predictions |
Analysis & preview of the 2011 NFL season, focusing on the top contenders in the AFC - the New England Patriots, Pittsburgh Steelers & Indianapolis Colts.

N.F.L.’s Abbreviated Off-Season Means Road to Recovery Grows Longer -
Because the lockout cut into preparation time, it may be more difficult for teams with new coaches or quarterbacks to turn from pretender to contender.

NFL and Players' Union at odds over validity of HGH test - David Epstein -
The NFL Player's Association has confounded the NFL and science experts in recent weeks by debating the validity of an HGH test that has been widely stamped for a approval by independent scientists, leaving some of those involved in the meetings to suggest that union politics are obstructing the process of drug testing. On Friday, owners of all 32 NFL teams received notice from the league that the HGH test would not be in place for the start of the regular season, though that was the previously agreed upon goal of the NFL and the NFLPA.

Tell us: Should Jim Tressel also have to sit out part of NFL season? -
Jim Tressel will be working with the Colts as a consultant. Should the NFL have disciplined him like they did OSU QB Terrelle Pryor?