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A Staffer Round Table: 2011 and Beyond

So as a member I always loved a good discussion about football, and loved to read roundtables that the staffers had, seeing what they though about certain situations. Now that I am a staffer here, I thought I'd conduct one before this season started. Well I got a few staffers together, Kirk, Colby and Troy, as well as myself. My screen name here is maxwellsdemon, but I go by Chris or Topher just about everywhere else, so on this when you see Topher, that's me.

During this discussion we just talk a bit about some positions and some of our hopes this season. Hope you enjoy conversation we had, and I will always be a huge advocate of respectful discussion.

Name Comment
Topher So what group do you feel is the most improved from last season, and what group has regressed the most?
Colby I think the front seven as a unit are most improved. group that has regressed i'll say is receiver
Kirk Safeties/WRs and CBs
Topher @ Colby. I'd agree with that, especially since I feel that WR is shallower that I want to believe, if Decker or Royal goes down, we might be in trouble.
Kirk I don't think the WR's have regressed. We got Willis back and only lost Gaffney.
Topher @ Kirk, I guess I'm not sold on Willis, watching him leaves me with some big concerns. But I do agree that CB is a big area of concern
Kirk plus DT will be back, (healthy the whole year, who knows) Eron Riley is on the PS, so there is depth. The TE position has really improved
Colby Yeah but we only have 5 receivers, one is coming off an ACL, one is a sophomore, 2 have only ever had one good year, and the other has never been on the opening day roster before.
Topher I'm actually more excited about Willis than DT, just a gut feeling though. I do think TE hasn't really improved, rather just shifted from blocking to passing, we were a good blocking TE team, now we are a good reciving TE team
Kirk I would say D Line, but we switched schemes so it is hardly fair, plus the End position looks like the deepest spot on the team
Topher I'm with you Colby, one injury to WR, and we could be shallow, but I don't expect as many 3 and 4 WR sets, so it might not be bad. @ Kirk I agree, DE looks really good right now.
Kirk I think the fact that they plan to run more will make WR less of a priority.
Topher Agreed Kirk, but the offensive line isn't quite up to par for a run first team, and so that's my biggest concern there.
Kirk But I wouldn't mind having about six more guys through the WR, RB,CB, DT spots
Topher So with that in mind, what area are you watching as a potential area to draft next season?
Kirk Oh yeah, and a few more OL. CB, DT, OL, BPA
Topher I think CB or DT has to be early round picks. If Beadles and Walton do well this season, I do want OL in the mid rounds though, for depth.
A mid or late round QB might also be a need, since Tebow will be the only QB left after 2011.
Kirk true.
Topher Do you feel we need to get younger at WR? Especially if Decker or DT don't perform well.
Kirk Depth in the trenches and if there is a stellar MLB. Well, Riley has been on the PS since last October. He is getting as seasoned as he can
Colby Well, depending on where we finish, i wouldnt mind using a 2nd round pick next year on a receiver
Topher That's what I felt as well, especially considering that Lloyd isn't exactly young. I like Riley, but I don't see him as a starter in the NFL, at least not yet, he could improve.
Kirk Well, Riley has been on the PS since last October
Topher Okay, thanks for those thoughts. As for this draft, we are all excited about Miller, but besides him and Moore, do you see anyone on this team in five years, or who do you feel has the highest potential?
Troy Julius Thomas
Colby I agree
Kirk That's pretty much who I was thinking too
Topher I'd go with Thomas as well, the rest of the picks, even Carter and Irving seem to have bigger question marks. Thomas shows long term potential
Topher So in the long term, the last three years top draft picks, Moreno, Ayers, DT, Tebow and Miiler, do you see them all staying here long term, or who do you feel is the closest to being gone?
Kirk I think the whole group stays
Troy Agreed... but then again, at the close of the 2007 season, I thought Cutler, Scheffler and Marshall would be a trio into the future.
Colby I dont think Ayers has much longer
Kirk Well if we get a new Front Office, all bets are off. lol
Topher I kind of agree with you, though I do think he's a better fit at DE, and the preseason is making me think that as well.
Troy Though I do feel that Moreno and Ayers will have career years under Fox
Kirk Sure, but at $880,000 this year, it's a deal to keep Ayers. Cost effective. Those guys have to fall flat on their face and fail miserably to get cut.
Topher Moreno, Ayers and DT are the ones to me. If Moreno struggles, he might be on a short leash, same with Ayers, or if DT gets injured again
Kirk I agree that their is a point with DT on the injury issue.
Topher So here's the big question, if the Broncos go 8-8 or better, and Orton plays well, what do you do? Resign, Franchise and trade, or just let go
Kirk Re-sign him
Troy Re-sign him.
Colby Re-sign him. i guess depends on numbers a bit though too
I am relentless aren't I sometimes?
Topher I agree, but what do you think it will be?
Colby it will be 50/50
Topher I believe winning will make him more popular, but Tebow's potential will still keep him around 50% fan support.
Kirk Tebow needs more time than too many people think
Troy It will be an outrage like it was this offseason. Lots of media attention. Lots of yelling. Lots of blah blah blah....
Kirk And gnashing of teeth
Topher I think if Orton plays well AND the Broncos win .500 or better, his support will rise, but Tebow will maintain a strong support
Kirk The Tebow stuff isn't likely to fade. It may simmer on the back burner, but at the first loss, they will start in again. Just look at the gamethreads and how much of an emotional roller coaster they are.
Those things drain me
Topher I agree with that Kirk.
So lets talk about Fox, do you feel he will be a long term coach here, or do you feel he's here to rebuild and than we will get another young HC?
Kirk I have a feeling he will be here awhile. This franchise needs (and has needed) stability for a long time. We need to re visit this in 3-4 years, because that is the term of his contract.

Topher I do think Fox will bring stability, just from the gut, but after studying his history in Carolina, they were hardly steady from season to season, so I could see him being either short term or long term.
Kirk He has a better support group here in Denver. In Carolina, he had a lame duck GM and a miserly curmudgeon of an owner in Jerry Richardson
Kirk He is only here to coach and that's it.
Topher I do think Carolina is taking a lot of flak, they have ownership issues, but they had some good drafts and bad ones. It is similar to what is happening with McD. Xanders is getting credit for the good picks while McD takes the blame for the bad moves. It will be interesting either way. It always is when a coach who was a long term guy at one team moves onto his second team.
Okay, last question for you three: Pro Bowlers this season?
Colby Dumervil, Ryan Clady, Knowshon
Kirk Bailey, Clady, Doom, Miller and Orton
KO is wishful thinking on my part, but I think he has a good season
Troy Doom, Miller, Bailey.
Late, but hopefully it still counts. I like predictions!

Thanks everyone!