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NFL Weekly Picks (Week 17): Nick Cast and Tim Lynch Make Their Picks

Here we are: the final week of the 2011 NFL regular season, and the final week of the 2011 Mile High Report Readers vs Staffers Prediction Contest. In the NFL, New England, Baltimore, Houston, Pittsburgh, Green Bay, San Francisco, New Orleans, Detroit and Atlanta are all in the playoffs. Denver, Cincinnati, Oakland, Tennessee, New York Jets, New York Giants and Dallas are all fighting for spots. In the Predictions Contest, the Readers and Staffers are tied at 102-55 and each fighting for bragging rights. Good luck to both.

This week our reader is that MHR member known as Nick Cast. Nick Cast writes:

Greetings everyone. My name is Nick Cast (aka Mr. Studs and Duds) and I'm telling you to put your money on me. I'm a gamer. I'm a baller. I'm a play maker and a shot caller. All I do is win. All I, All I, All I do is win. The only time I've ever lost was that time Chuck Norris beat me at a Poker Night. He got a royal flush....every hand, but that's besides the point. Now you must wonder how it is that I am always winning. The answer is simple. I have the build of Tim Tebow, the speed of Usain Bolt, and the intelligence of Albert Einstein. My strength, speed and intelligence allow me to do anything I want....except figure out women. That's impossible. Chuck Norris couldn't do it either. My favorite hobbies include: hunting dragons, killing zombies and twitter stalking Troy Hufford. With all that being said, let's do this thing. UNLEASH.

Nick Cast will be competing with Tim Lynch. Tim is giving us a repeat appearance. For his first appearance Tim wrote a statement that holds just as true today as it did back in Week 2:

When Tim Lynch was first asked to write his bio he tried to think of a way to insert Tim Tebow into the conversation. After all, Tim Lynch picks winners in a pick'em league like Tim Tebow dominates the SEC. If you happen to be the unfortunate soul that must face the Lynch Mob, you had better bring your B+ game, cause lets face it...Tim Lynch does things halfassed.

On to the predictions.

Readers Staffers
Last Week 8-7 7-8
Season to Date 102-55 102-55


Nick Cast:Pittsburgh. I'm a big Wiz Khalifa fan.

Tim:Steelers - The Steelers in Weeks 11-17 are a championship team. Anyone picking the Browns here should have their head examined.

San Francisco@St. Louis

Nick Cast:San Francisco. Jim Harbaugh told me Alex Smith is an elite quarterback.

Tim:49ers - Everyone think the Saints are the only threat to the Packers this year for the NFC crown, but if you really get down to it that is a joke. In a horse race, I'll take the Packers 9 times out of 10. However, in a street fight, I'll take the 49ers 9 times out of 10 over the Packers. But how interesting of a story is that? Yeah, I didn't think so. Go Saints!


Nick Cast:Indianapolis. Jaguars players were heard chanting "No Luck" at practice on Friday.

Tim:Colts - The Colts suddenly look like a team that doesn't need to be renamed "The Mannings". You know, an NFL team that has talent?

Tampa Bay@Atlanta

Nick Cast:Atlanta. Josh Freeman took a QB course from Trent Dilfer last Summer.

Tim:Falcons - What a terrible loss for the Falcons last week, luckily they face a team this week who have seen their wheels fall completely off the franchise. Bounce back time!

Buffalo@New England

Nick Cast:New England. I'm still bitter about last week.

Tim:Patriots - Tom Brady is on fire and that fire won't be snuffed out until deep in the playoffs when his offense won't be enough to overcome the craptasticness of his defense.

Detroit@Green Bay

Nick Cast:Detroit. Rumor has it Matt Flynn owes the Lions DL a lot of money

Tim:Packers - If the Pack gets past the 49ers in the playoffs then they should easily repeat as Champions. Of course, if Tim Tebow somehow gets on fire and is waiting for them in the Super Bowl then I'll have to put all my savings on the Broncos!


Nick Cast:Philadelphia. I love the movie "Invincible"

Tim:Eagles - This team is good one week and a joke the next. I flipped a coin and heads was "Eagles", we'll see how well this works out!

Carolina@New Orleans

Nick Cast:Carolina. Cam Newton is the kryptonite to the Saints backups.

Tim:Saints - Drew Brees sticks it to the San Diego Chargers every single week he plays football. He has one more ring than that franchise and is now breaking the record books that Phillip Rivers will only ever dream of. Brees is my favorite non-Broncos in the NFL.


Nick Cast:Chicago. Brian Urlacher hates running quarterbacks.

Tim:Bears - Coin flip here. Rookie QB and AP out against a crappy QB and Marion Barber...looks like the coin favors me a bit today.

Dallas@New York Giants

Nick Cast:New York Giants. You can't spell "Dallas" without the L. Otherwise it would be "Daas" and that just doesn't make sense.

Tim:Giants - Eli Manning is money in the clutch and Tony Romo chokes the big one in the clutch. I'll be happy to see the Cowboys choke again - not sure why I take pleasure in that.


Nick Cast:Baltimore. I don't like Red Heads unless they're hot women.

Tim:Bengals - 4-12 to the playoffs. Not bad with a rookie QB and WR. Carolina has a rookie QB and veteran players around him, yet they lose. Go figure. Cam Newton will still win the ROY - not sure why, but I guess red zone interceptions are a good thing and no one told me.


Nick Cast:Houston. I flipped a coin.

Tim:Titans - I hate this team. If they had just lost when they needed too, the Broncos could be fighting for a Division AND a Wild Card. Screw Tennessee.

New York Jets@Miami

Nick Cast:Jets. J-E-T-S, JETS JETS JETS.

Tim:Jets - From wild card to long shot. They need the Bengals to lose, but I doubt that happens. Rex Ryan gets what his arrogance gets - punked.

San Diego@Oakland

Nick Cast:San Diego. Come on, Rivers. Do something for Denver for once in your life.

Tim:Chargers - Hey, since I think the Broncos lose to Orton this weekend, I figured what better way to get into the playoffs than through the back door. Go Chargers!!!


Nick Cast:Arizona. All John Skelton does is win.

Tim:Seahawks - The Seachickens are playing crazy lately. I've been riding against that wave for weeks, so now that I start riding the wave instead they will probably lose.