Video: Every Rushing Score of Tim Tebow's NFL Career

We all know how good of a runner Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow is, so I decided to make a short video highlighting each one of his rushing touchdowns since he entered the NFL. I am considering making another video highlighting some of his best runs (scoring runs and non-scoring runs).

While making this video, I became curious how many touchdowns Tebow has rushed for in his life? Obviously it would be impossible to find out how many scores he had dating all the way back to Pop Warner (unless of course his Dad recorded every single one of his games and I had the footage from all of them and counted them all out to find out how many he had), but I was able to find his high school football stats.

Dating back to his high school days, Tim Tebow has rushed for 131 touchdowns in his football career. That's 786 points. Including extra points, that's 917 points. In roughly 100 games played, that's 1.31 touchdowns a game and 9.17 points a game. And that's all just rushing. Add in his passing scores and those numbers are even more impressive.

And now that I've gotten your attention by putting 'Tim Tebow' in the title, here is some footage of my nephew:

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