Good afternoon Broncos Country!

I was so excited about the Broncos playoff appearance that I would not miss it for the world. All I could think about was yelling at Big Ben and making sure those 2 tickets don't go to Steelers fans! It was a bad sign when I was at the Des Moines airport and I saw about 10 steeler fans decked out and ready to go. Fortunately, that would be the last bad sign my entire trip.

My top 10 list from my amazing playoff experience at Mile High:

10-Meeting my new best friend Mitch from Wyoming! Fanatic fan like myself! He was intense, smart, and passionate about our team!

9-Looking above in the suites above us and seeing Pat Bowlen for part of the game! Thank you Mr. Bowlen and Mr. Elway!

8-Losing my voice. It is about 48 hours later, and people at work keep asking me if I have Laryngitis? I have enough of a voice to tell them, it was one of the most exciting moments in my life when we won! Hands down!

7-Seeing my wife so excited about football. She was almost as loud as I was. Very hot!

6-Wearing my Tebow Jersey back to Iowa and in the airport! Very cool and proud feeling!

5-Delivering an Orange Mile High Magic Towel to my Bronco buddy Craig ( who watches every single game with me on the Directv package) and a copy of the Denver Post about the game!

4-Continuing to believe in yourself despite all the negative surroundings and inspiring people around you. Yes, I am talking about TT! Amazing to watch him fire up the sideline and stadium. My 6 y/o son is proudly wearing his "Tebowing for Greatness" shirt today. Thanks Tim for being such an great role model, you are an amazing football player!

3-Watching the players show their appreciation by acknowledging our effort! Our crowd deserves a "stud of the game". Into it from the first snap and all the way through!

2-After the DT score, having the stadium explode, I have never seen so many people hugging and jumping up and down. Got a random bear hug from a big husky guy with a beard, still recovering from that! Mitch my friend gave my wife a twirl. I was running up and down the aisle and high fiving anyone with an open hand.

1-Seeing our fans unified and chanting "Tebow, Tebow, Tebow" on the way out the stadium! Chants of Broncos and high fives all around.

No matter what happens the rest of this season, this will be a memory all of Broncos Country will cherish the rest of our lives. You will always remember where you were, weather you were shouting in a bar in Dallas or serving our country overseas, or twirling my wife at the stadium! I love my Broncos and I love Broncos Country!

Go Broncos!

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