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Denver Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steelers Top Five Offensive Plays

What a game hey? The second quarter that hurt the Broncos all season turned out to be the Broncos best quarter all season against the Steelers. Fantastic. Of course you all know what is number one but there were several other key plays that made this game electric!

5) Tim Tebow Touchdown Pass to Eddie Royal!

4) Tim Tebow long pass to Demaryius Thomas. The more I see Thomas play the more I shake my head at how strong this man is.

3) Tim Tebow touchdown run - Its predictable but it works every time. Tim has such a good eye for the endzone that when he gets the ball there, it seems to always be a touchdown.

2) Tim Tebow long pass to Daniel Fells - This is higher than you might think on the list but the throw on the run was on the money and the fact that it was Daniel Fells that got that open. Great connection between those two on the play.

1) Tim Tebow touchdown pass to Demaryius Thomas in overtime.......'Nuff Said.

I am interning at TSN in Canada so I have seen this play 100's of times now. I still get chills....Just incredible. On the same level as the Marshawn Lynch run as last year at this time.

Hope you liked the top 5 offensive plays against the Steelers. Later today I will have the top five defensive plays.