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Denver Broncos vs Pittsburgh Steelers Top 5 Defensive Plays

Offense was incredible but the defense was just as good. Key plays allowed to offense to climb back in it and keep the Steelers point totals as low as possible. The pass rush arrived just in time to stop the Steelers at the end and send the game to OT.

5) Robert Ayers sack on Big Ben -

4) Broderick Bunkley sack - The missing of Maurkice Pouncey was evident as the defensive line had a fantastic game!

3) Von Miller sack - Miller got his first sack in a long time and in a crucial time. He had many opportunities this game and was very close here to getting a strip.

2) Quinton Carter Interception - The rookie stepped up big picking of Big Ben allowing the Broncos to add to their brilliant second quarter. This game right after a sack that changed the game, re-injuring the ankle of Big Ben.

1) Elvis Dumervil Sack Fumble - Huge play late when the Steelers were threatening for the win. DOOOOOM

Hope we have as many good plays as these against Tom Brady this Saturday like this one below!!