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The Drive Turns 25! John Elway Still Working Magic 25 Years Later

via <a href="">Rich Karlis Celebrates His 33-yard FG To Beat The Cleveland Browns</a>
via Rich Karlis Celebrates His 33-yard FG To Beat The Cleveland Browns

A few days after witnessing one of the greatest plays in Denver Broncos history we get to celebrate the greatest DRIVE in Denver Broncos history. On January 11, 1987, in the AFC Championship Game, John Elway led the Broncos on a 98.5 yard drive to tie the Cleveland Browns late in the 4th quarter.

The Browns were the best defense in football, and old Cleveland Browns stadium was one of the biggest home field advantages in football at the time - known for it's dog bones, batteries and frozen mud painted green.

In a back and forth game that saw the Browns take a 20-13 lead with 5:43 to go, the Broncos were forced to go the loooong way after Ken Bell misplayed the ensuing kickoff and was forced to fall on the ball inside his own 2-yard line. That's where the Elway magic began as he navigated the Broncos down the field, culminating with a 5-yard missle strike to Mark Jackson with :37 seconds remaining, sending the game into overtime.

The Browns won the toss, but the defense forced a punt. Elway took the field again, drove the Broncos 60-yards, and Rich Karlis nailed a 33-yard field goal to win it. To this day, Browns fans will tell you Karlis missed the kick.

Elway was 22/38 that day for 244 yards, a touchdown and and interception. He ran for 56 more, and even had a 19-yard punt - a play that Elway was famous for whenever the Broncos faced a 4th down inside opponent territory.

As Elway - along with these current day Broncos - restore the Orange and Blue magic many of us grew up with, take time to remember that game - or learn more about it. Many of you are falling in love with the Broncos right now - for us, it was that cold, grey day in Cleveland. Give your memories in the comments, and share when it was YOU fell in love with the Orange and Blue for the first time.