When In Doubt, Ask a Pats Fan!

You ever get that feeling of deja vu on the week of a Friday the 13th?

The keys for the Denver Broncos to beat the New England Patriots:

Control the time of possession. Give that Brady-led offense chances and they'll get touchdowns. The best thing to do is to give them as few game minutes as possible.

Don't blitz off the edge. Pressure up the middle is the most effective against Brady anyways, but he's also stellar against teams which blitz too much. Disrespect his weapons and he'll find one open for a short gain which could turn into a huge gain. Some of them are pretty darn tough to cover and/or tackle. Don't get too greedy in the pursuit to pressure Brady or else you'll wonder how a TE can run like that.

Don't be afraid to go small..... This time last year, New England was heavily favored at home against the New York Jets. They figured out that Brady and Co. love taking advantage of LBs so they brought in fewer LBs and more DBs with great effect. Ryan often had 6 or 7 DBs back there to cover Brady's weapons, taking advantage of the Patriots finesse-offense and disrupting their timing/rhythm whenever possible. ..but be ready when they adjust. Since that loss to NYJ last year, the Pats have loaded up their O-Line and RB corps. It helps that they have one of the best run-blocking TEs in Rob Gronkowski. RB Shane Vereen(2nd round, 2011) just came off of the injury report and could very easily be used to add some more fuel to the offense if their pass-game gets stalled. If the Pats break out the no-huddle against a small-defense, expect some heavy running and don't be afraid to use a timeout to make defensive adjustments. Just please, don't imitate the Giants by faking an injury.

The Patriots will make adjustments. Belichick will change up his gameplan at some point much like he did last time when his team found themselves down 17 points by the 2nd quarter in Week 15 at Denver. Anticipate it, and be ready for it this time.

Don't turn the ball over, steal a turnover or two, and surrender your cheerleaders. The Pats win over 95% of the time when they win the turnover battle. As for the cheerleaders, pictures of them will do in the comment section. Hey, that win in the regular season needs to count for something!

I hope you got questions because I sure as hell don't have any drinks for any of you!

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