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The Denver Broncos, Not Packers, The Most Dangerous Team In Playoffs

Notice I said dangerous, not best. The reason for that danger is because Tim Tebow is like a box of Forrest Gump chocolates. You just never know what you're going to get. I shared one theory today with the MHR crew that perhaps the playoffs is the only way to bottle up Tebow Time for all 60 minutes. The urgency of playing in an elimination game is bringing out the best in the entire team. It's not just Tebow Time, its Broncos Time.

I'm not sitting here saying we're going to win 40-31 or anything, which I did, but if this Broncos team can come out and play like they did against the best defense in football, then I like our chances. Spreads be damned. No matter the outcome, this has been the most magical year in Broncos history since at least 1977. So many questions were answered about not only Tebow, but Demaryius Thomas and many other positions on this team.

All I care about now is being a witness to the magic continuing another week! That's really all I have to say leading into tomorrow's game. Do most of you feel as good as I do about this game?