A little concerned re: offseason, TT

Ok, so the 300 MPH rocket that was the Denver Broncos after last week's great game hit a giant brick wall in the Patriots. All aspects of last night's game were terrible and I think we got an evalution of where our deficiencies are. Now we move on to the offseason and this is where this team, and more importantly, it's quarterback, will make or break the next few years. More after the jump...

Tim Tebow has done what was bascially asked of him. Win some games and make this team better. He definitely helped the team win some games and in many respects he made this team better, but I think everyone can say he is far from a polished QB in this league. The overwhelming opinion is give this kid a full offseason and OTAs and he will only get better at the areas of weakness; reading coverages, throwing timing routes, and improved accuracy.

So here we are now, in the offseason. Tim said all the right things last night about needing to get better and wanting to put the work in during this offseason. My question is, HOW much time is TT going to devote to football?

This guy is not only a QB in the NFL, but he is also has a foundation with his name on it, he has a new hospital that has been built, and he is one of the most popular people in the world right now. His schedule could be very daunting, and that's what scares me.

To make himself and this team better, Tim needs to have 100% focus on this offseason. Not that he can't fit in some humanitarian and other personal work, he really needs to devote his entire offseason to working at his craft. Will he do that? It's hard to say. I think he's genuine when he says we wants to work as hard as possible to get better, but I hope his idea of "work as hard as possible" is the same as the fans of this team. If he does not, my thoughts of him getting the starting job out of the gate will change a little. I think the team will still bring in some competition at QB, which I think will help TT regain any lost focus. But I hope that focus is never lost and he puts in an offseason for the ages.

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