Perspectives from the Outside

Greetings all it has been some time since I wrote a post or even a thoughtful comment. There are reasons for that and I will explain but I also have some expectations for the offseason.

First, the reason I haven't said much of late is I personally am sick and tired of Tebow-mania. I think he's a great guy and has a legitimate shot at being an ELITE Quarterback. I said it and I don't care who pulls this on me. Tebow has a great shot at being not just our franchise QB but an ELITE QB!

The rub however is the vitriol either way. We will hear this offseason about how the Broncos should look for a QB and blah blah blah. Listen, if the Broncos were so bent on replacing Tim Tebow, he would have been pulled in the Patriots game. Period! When the media says something about Tebow, don't pay that much attention. Watch the actions of this Organization not the "inside sources" of some chump piece of garbage hack journalist who spells worse than a dog without spell check! One of the reasons I have not really written or commented is that when it comes to Tim Tebow every Tom Dick and Harry who can edit a player on the Madden video game thinks they know more than this organization does about Tebow's strengths and weaknesses. YOU DON'T

Ok, enough about Tebow cause that issue is going to be all I hear about the next 6 months.

Off Season Needs:

QB- Sign an FA back up who wil be serviceable in injury replacement and mentor Tim. Draft a back up also in latter rounds!

RB- I love McGahee and am not sold on Moreno. The other guys are whatever to me. Through FA or Draft we need a Javid Best, Matt Forte, LeSean McCoy player. A home run hitter and serious threat.

TE- I personally believe Daniel Fells was a quiet under-rated signing. I say give Thomas and Green another Offseason but if a good dual threat is available, grab him.

WR- Royal will be offered a fair package for his contributions in Denver and his expected contributions moving forward. If he walks fine, we don't need to overpay him. Thomas and Decker will have an offseason to Gel with Tebow. We need to address this position via Draft and FA, Personally I'd look at possibly bringing in Harvin. I know he is in the last year of his contract and has just established himself as a threat in Minny but I'd give up our #2 pick for Harvin on this team. As it stands there arent many FA's I would look at. Draft a WR or two becasue Willis is not the answer. We need 3 or 4 good WR.

OL- this is a depth issue really which is nice. I like our starting five. Hochstien needs to be replaced as do Clark and Rameirez. Let Harris and Franklin battle it out for starter, but I think Franklin win and Harris becomes our All Purpose back up which is ok by me.

DL- Honestly of who we have I like Doom, Ayers, Hunter, Bunkley, Thomas and maybe Warren. The rest can leave. We signed a guy like harvey to the active roster to be a game day inactive EVERY GAME. not for me that crap needs to stop. If you cant be a contributor get off my roster!

LB- I think Sayre and I disagree here but MLB is possibly the biggest need this offseason. Im ok keeping Mohammed, Miller, Irving, Woodyard and WIlliams but we need a stud and if Irving doesn't look like that guy I say we make a play for a Jon Beason type player via FA or the Draft. I need an Al Wilson.

CB- Champ, Harris, Syd'Quan and Vaughn need to be retained. I'm ok watching Goodman walk. Truth be told I think we move Champ to FS/ Centerfield to teach Rahim. which leaves this a big need too!

SAF- Dawkins is probably retiring and honestly, Good for him. He is all class and a top player at his position for many years. I hope he enjoys his life beyond football. Carter looks good and Moore needs a bit of help. Bruton is good in spot duty but looked like he should be given a chance to compete for starter. If Champ gets moved here no problem. If not we need a smart player in the Deep back to hold us down! We saw what happened when we lost Dawkins brain and passion back there!

I think were set at K and P so fan the flames boy and girls and as always


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