Video: Ultimate Tim Tebow Highlights

In twenty career games (fourteen starts), Denver Broncos second year quarterback Tim Tebow has passed for 2,383 yards and 17 touchdowns. On the ground, Tebow has rushed for 887 yards and 12 touchdowns.

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I created this video the day after we beat Pittsburgh in the Wild Card round, but wasn't able to upload it until today. I know the music doesn't really fit, I spent like an hour trying to find music that I liked, was the right length and hadn't been used countless times already, all to no avail. The footage however, I was pretty satisfied with.

If New England (and quarterback Tom Brady) go to the Super Bowl, Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton will replace him as the first alternate. If Brady goes to the Super Bowl and Steelers quarterback Ben Reothlisberger (ankle) does not play in the Pro Bowl due to injury, Dalton and Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow will make their respective Pro Bowl debuts as first and second alternates.

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