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MHR Selects - Broncos 2011 Most Inspirational Player

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In the first post of the MHR Selects series, I asked who was the Broncos 2011 Comeback Player Of the Year. Demaryius Thomas is leading Elvis Dumervil by a small enough margin that the decision is still up in the air. The second post asked who was the 2011 Overachiever of the Year for the Broncos. Cornerback Chris Harris is running away with 75% of the vote so we may as well blow the whistle. This time we are searching for the Most Inspirational player on the 2011 Broncos Squad. And again we have two more players for you to discern from.

Brian Dawkins has been the heart of the Broncos since his arrival on February 28, 2009. In fact, the Head Coach at the time, Josh McDaniels, specifically recruited Dawkins for that purpose--to lead and inspire. Brian, known as "Weapon X" as much for his bone-jarring hits and all-out intensity as his fondness of the X-Men character "Wolverine," doesn't just lead by his actions. He is vocal on and off the field, mentoring the younger players and leading by his faith. It is Dawkins that leads the players with the pre-game huddle speech to fire up his teammates. Here is a prime example. TAKE IT!

Inspiring isn't it?
The other player who has demonstrated the ability to inspire his teammates is Tim Tebow. The 2nd-year Quarterback came on as the starter after the Bye Week when the Broncos record was at 1-4. Tebow rallied his teammates to a 7-4 finish and the first postseason game in 6 years (Jan. 22, 2006). It wasn't always pretty, but exciting and miraculous with a handful of head-shaking moments in disbelief thrown in, are common descriptions of the Denver Broncos 2011 season. Tim, like Dawkins, also leads by his faith. He seems to have all the charisma needed to inspire his teammates. Throw in the last minute Miracle in Miami and the Mile High Magic Moment against the New York Jets--that I was privileged enough to witness first hand--and it's no wonder the other players will follow him. And there is the Proverbs 27:17 " id="o1tj">" sharpens id="o1tj" Iron>" id="o1tj" Iron style="color: #551a8b;">"Iron sharpens iron" speech on the evening before the Broncos defeated the Chargers 16-13 in Overtime at Qualcomm Stadium in Week 12.

So what say you MHR? Which one is the Broncos 2011 Most Inspirational Player?