Broncos will be smart and cheap this offseason

I see all these posts popping about potential Free Agent signings. It's fun to speculate, but some of you guys are saying we get Mario Williams, Cortland Finnegan, AND Peyton Hillis or somone. We have to lower our expectations. I think EFX will look into signing a big name FA or 2, but won't overpay.

This past offseason we were connected too Mebane, DeAngelo Williams, Charles Johnson and a few other big names, but didnt over pay. I expect it to be the same this year. They will get some value signing. I'll throw out a few names who could be some nice additions.

This is in no specific order

Ryan Grant RB:


He's older, and would come cheap. I wouldnt be fond of the signing, but would add another McGahee type back who would be an upgrade over Ball and Johnson

Mike Tolbert: RB/FB


Personally, i'd love this signing. He's a tank and can play FB and RB. Would be a nice versatile weapon. Plus he's a reliable catcher out of the backfield. He's still young and doesnt have many miles on his legs

Pierre Garcon WR:


Speedy guy who would be a nice addition to our WR's. Does tend to have a case of the dropsies once in awhile, but he couldnt be much worse than Eddie Royal.

Robert Meachem WR:


Solid WR who hasnt lived up to his potential. Another deep threat who would be a nice addition with Decker and Thomas

Scott Chandler TE:


A big blocking TE who can be a threat in the passing game once in awhile. Would fit right in as a blocker in our offense,

Joel Dressen TE:


A decent WR threat. Could play the role Dante Rosario played this year. He's a colorado guy i believe so lets bring him home.

Sammie Lee Hill DT:


A solid run stuffer who got lost in the mix in Detroit. He's young(25) and has size(6'4 330lbs) Would be a nice addition to our DL.

Jason Jones DT:


A Solid pass rushing DT who would give us what our D is sorely missing, a pass rush up the middle

Dan Connor ILB:


A favorite among many around here, and i'm one of them. Yes we have Nate Irving, but veteran depth is needed. Connor has been stuck behind John Beason, one of the best ILBer's in the game. Would be an instant upgrade over mays.

Rocky McIntosh OLB:


can play ILB and OLB. And if we let Woodyard leave(which is possible, he can start on other teams) we need a back-up. Always been a fan of rocky, and he would fit in well in this D

William Middleton CB:


William Middleton doesn't have much NFL experience, but he handled himself really well in relief of Derek Cox and Rashean Mathis in 2011. He's a young corner with loads of potential.

Terrell Thomas CB:


A solid starting corner in this league. Is coming off a Torn ACL, but it happened in August so he should be healthy by Training camp. Would come cheap after coming off injury.

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