The down fall of a once great franchise!

Now before you come on the attack this isn’t about the Denver Broncos, it’s about the Oakland Raiders! Oakland is in a tailspin and the ground is closing in quickly. It all started last year when Jason Campbell went down. First year Head Coach Hue Jackson knew he had to do something “special” that turned out to be his worst mistake ever. Jackson went to a dying Al Davis and asked that Davis let him bring in Carson Palmer a move Jackson called “One of the best trades ever”. Davis for some reason said ok and giving up a 1st and what looked like at the time another 1st, but today it is a 2nd round pick in the Draft ultimately cost Jackson his job. Then the once very proud owner and all time leaders passes on. With the passing of Al Davis the team looked to rebound and once again be on track to head to the NFL playoffs, hell what better motivation do you need than to win for the “Just Win Baby” of the late Al Davis. Well the stunt double in Dumb and Dumber otherwise known as the bowl cut son of Al Davis stepped in to run the show and the tail spin begun.

The Oakland Raiders found themselves just one win away from the playoffs and unfortunately for Hue Jackson they just could seal the deal. Hue Jackson was then released. The dumpster began to flame.

Mr. Great Hair began to clean house, Head Coach was gone, GM search was underway, and to make matters worse they don’t have much of a 2012 draft to build on.

Now today we hear about the hiring of Dennis Allen, which at first made me sad/upset but then I thought about it and had a totally different feeling. Dennis Allen-What are you thinking? I had to question his intelligence a little. I understand that every coach works hard to become and get the title of Head Coach someday, but Oakland? Yes, St. Louis gave you a call and if it wasn’t for Jeff Fisher would have been a good move for you, but Oakland. This is the worst possible place you could go, why do you think so many are pulling away from it? Just 2 years ago you were a D-back coach under one of the best minds in Football, Sean Payton and Gregg Williams. Last year you spent time under if not Head Coach would be one of the best DC in the league John Fox. But today you decide to move to Southern California for a Head Coaching job with the Oakland Raiders. Where you are going to have to build a program from the ground up with no Head Coaching experience at all. Not a smart move! Here is a quick list of what you need to fix on day one:

1. A QB controversy with Carson Palmer and Jason Campbell-Where Campbell actually played better then Palmer but the Raiders gave so much for Palmer—What do you do?

2. Start looking for your next replacement. You are 39 years old the youngest coach in the NFL and nothing to build off of other than the players you have.

3. Implement a new system on both Offense and Defense…have you ever done that before?

4. You have NO 2012 Draft! Where are the players for your system going to come from?

5. Try not to panic! Your FO has no idea what they are doing and if the Raiders don’t succeed you will be named the “Scapegoat” and the next Ex-Head Coach of the Raiders! This move might be better for them than you, this way they can say...He just wasn't ready to be a HC, but worth a chance...AKA the Josh McDaniels move in Denver we all know so well.

With this in mind and knowing the D did play better this year one must ask was it Dennis Allen or John Fox who made us better? I say John Fox! If Denver brings in Jack Del Rio like Sayre’s article leads too, then we just upgraded over Allen IMO.

Bronco faithful I personally think losing Allen isn’t that big of a deal. Yes 7 DC’s in 7 years is bad, but really ask yourself “Would you take the Oakland job if offered it?” I wouldn’t I would stay where I had at least a chance to get better, learn, and not such a chance to fail. Denver will be better in the long run, trust me. EFX made good moves so far and the hiring of Allen was one of them, but the hiring of Del Rio would make all this about Allen a distance memory.

John Fox, McCoy, Del Rio and Elway with a full offseason, OTA's, Mini Camps, and one of the youngest teams in the NFL....Wow! The future is bright and only getting brighter! If you liked Chapter 1 of the Denver Broncos, you'll love the next! 2012 is going to be something you won't want to miss!

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