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Reading Between the Lines: Smith May Be Frontrunner in DC Search

John Elway joined 102.3 in Denver for The John Elway Show on Friday and spoke a little about his time at the Senior Bowl, but where the real interesting information came in was when he was asked about defensive coordinators.

Elway mentioned both Jack Del Rio and Richard Smith but stated that, "There are other [defensive coordinators] out there as well."

Elway mentioned Smith specifically about seven times during the two to three minutes that he was discussing the defensive coordinator. One point he did make immediately is that the Denver Broncos defense would not change much as head coach John Fox will remain the backbone of the defense.

One other interesting moment was Elway again insisting that Tim Tebow is the starter going into camp, paying mind to mention that there are only two quarterbacks currently on Denver's roster and that a team needs at least four to go into camp. He would not comment on whether or not the Broncos would draft a quarterback in April.


Well, that explains why Elway was boasting Smith so much. Denver has just named Jack Del Rio their defensive coordinator.