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My First Broncos Playoff Game

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We always have those days in our lives that we remember.

Sports are funny that way. As a 20 year old Canadian, the biggest thing that gives me chills is watching the replay of Canada's overtime Olympic win over the USA in the gold medal game. I'll never forget the call of the play by play man.

"Crosby Scores!! Sidney Crosby! The golden goal!!!"

It was one of those moments that whenever I watch it I just cannot believe that I was a part of it.

You know, those "where were you" moments.

This Sunday for me will be one of those moments.

This sounds weird but this is the first Broncos playoff game I will get to see.


I started to follow this team like I do now in 2006. It became a lot of fun and this team became my favorite thing. Through these years from 2006-2010, there was a lot of heartbreak and disappointment. I would brag to friends that our team, the Broncos, were going to be in the playoffs and their team wouldn't. Of course we would make the playoffs, we had multi-game leads in the playoff race with as many games to go.

Unfortunately things changed.

I'm sure all of you have a Bronco memory. Most of you have an Elway favorite moment and I am sure most of your favorite moments is the back to back Super Bowl championships. I do not have that. I do not pretend I saw Elway play.

This Sunday hopefully becomes something special for me. I always watch other playoff games in past years wishing I had a reason to cheer other than against teams I do not like or for players I do like.

I am not afraid of the Steelers. I feel the Broncos can beat any team because we have seen flashes this season of play over some teams that are pretty good. Like any team we are going through ups and downs and hopefully we have finished the downs.

Playoffs have such a different atmosphere. I have been to CFL playoff games and with a crowd of 30,000, it is electric when the game is in the dying minutes in a one score game. I can only imagine what Denver will be like this Sunday.

If you are going to the game, cheer loud!! If you are not or are on the fence, buy some tickets because we have learned these past six years that you cannot take the playoffs for granted.

I believe we can do this and I will be cheering loud from Toronto. But no matter what happens this Sunday, I will not forget this game and where I was. I cannot wait to see Tim Tebow and Elvis Dumervil and Champ Bailey lead the Broncos to an exciting final minutes and we will see what happens.

This will be one of my favorite memories in sports so far.

What is yours?