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On Quinn, Disinformation and The Art of The Wild Card

It has been said many different ways since the 1300's, but you'll recognize it as something along the lines of, "Believe in nothing that you hear and only half of what you see."

Internet rumors (oh, those internet guys) spiraled around over the last few hours beginning with a PFT report citing a source who stated that Denver Broncos quarterback Brady Quinn was receiving some first team reps. My immediate thought was that wouldn't be that ordinary at all. Why wouldn't Quinn get a few first team reps?

I don't know standing operating procedure around Dove Valley perfectly, but there has to be times in the week when Tim Tebow needs to sit, tie his shoe, talk to a coach, or any of the other hundreds of things required of a starting quarterback in the NFL. Quinn likely takes snaps with the first team constantly throughout the week.

Then came the obvious rebuttal from Quinn via's Jeff Darlington, Quinn through a text, told Darlington that he normally receives, "One or two," reps on Fridays and today he received two reps with the first team.

Asked about the internal discussions earlier in the week, which were disclosed by a team source, Quinn said there have been other instances when he has been involved in talks about a possible package, but in any of those instances, the team has later backed off and allowed [Tim] Tebow to remain the team's sole quarterback.

Monkey wrench equals thrown. For about an hour some poor tape guy in Pittsburgh was biting his nails concerned with the idea that he would have to pull tape on Quinn from the last two preseasons and 2009.

If you want a real monkey wrench though, how about this. John Fox says that the Broncos probably won't give Tebow any more opportunities to, "Pull the trigger," than they have in the rest of the season. Via

What is your reaction to the people who say the Broncos should open up their offensive game plan?
"I don't really understand what that means unless they say pass it a lot more. If you look at our stats whenever we have thrown it 35 or 45 times it's been very lopsided, so I'd say they gotta stick to what they do because they know that better than they know this."

Side note: Quinn said he used to get more reps with first-team offense when Orton was around, mostly because Orton didn't want all of them.
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There you have it fans, what say you?