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Denver Broncos Wildcard Prediction Contest

About a month ago I wrote a post here mentioning a new "Tebowing" EyeBlack" created from the actions of Denver Broncos Quarterback Tim Tebow. The manufacturer,, was very happy with the article I wrote. To show their gratitude, they sent along some samples for a giveaway. So we are going to have a contest to decide who will receive some of this swag.

Seven lucky winners will receive one set of Tebowing Eye Blacks and one set of Bronco colored Eye Blacks (as in the pictures above). All you have to do is predict the correct final score of the Broncos - Steelers Wildcard game on Sunday.

Now to set the parameters. Only one entry per person will be allowed. The first (in chronological posting time) seven correct predictions will be the winners. The entries (comments) will close one hour before game time (1:30 pm MST). If there are no correct predictions or less than seven correct predictions, there will be a drawing from the remaining entries.

Of course if you want to guarantee getting a set of these Eye Blacks, order some from or call them at 301-816-1980 ext. 205.

Good Luck and...Go Broncos!