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NFL PLayoffs - Broncos Vs. Steelers: The Stuff Legends Are Made Of: Tim Tebow Brings Sudden Death To Steelers, 29-23 In Overtime


Category Broncos Steelers
Score 30 23
Rushing Yards
34 car. 131 yards (3.9 ypc) 23 car. 156 yards (6.8 ypc)
Passing Yards
316 244
Total Yards 447 400
3rd Down Conversions 3-10 7-16
T.O.P 29:05 31:06
1 1

Just before Tim Tebow took the snap, faked a hand-off to Willis McGahee and threw a bullet to Demaryius Thomas for an 80-yard touchdown pass, I said on twitter that this could be a legendary drive - for the Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos. It turned out to be just one play, a legendary play, that propelled the Broncos into a primetime matchup with the New England Patriots and Tim Tebow permanently into Broncos lore forever.

In a game that had plenty of everything - offense, defense, bad calls and turnovers - Tim Tebow did what many said he could not do. He beat the best defense in the NFL with his arm.

There is plenty of kudos to go around, from the offensive line, to the defense, to Demaryius Thomas, it is Tebow that deserves credit for today. Not just for what he did on the field, but for what he has had to listen to off of it. Devoid of the cushion most young quarterbacks get, Tebow was able to pull off what every team wants their young QB to do - he won a playoff game, making the plays, making the throws, making the decisions that won a football game, that put 29 points on the board, that beat the defending AFC Champs.

Enjoy it, Broncos fans, and be on the lookout for MHR Radio TONIGHT.