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Texas A&M Vows To 'Defend It's Trademark'

This is just too good to ignore. During the Broncos 29-23 won over the Pittsburgh Steelers, there was a shot of a 12th Man flag, which is what every team in every football stadium at every level calls their fans. Of course, it is also a big part of what the Texas A&M Aggies football program is built upon, or at least was.

Jason Cook, VP of Marketing and Communications at the University also saw the flag, and he isn't taking use of his school's 'trademark' lightly.

That's right. Instead of using an Aggie alum like Von Miller to tr and prop up a disintegrating football program, the Aggies are prepared to fight for their 12th Man trademark.

I have a #12 Broncos jersey that a member of MHR gave to me as a gift. I picked #12 as an homage to the fans. We are, of course, the 12th Man, 12th woman and 12th child! This is a joke!

Of course, when it was brought to Cook's attention that the Seattle Seahawks do that same thing, he replied that the school has an agreement with the team. You'd think there were bigger things to worry about.