My playoff game experience.....and a lesson.

I am just as giddy as the rest of you are about the win tonight! I thought the team played inspired, sound football, overcoming a key "forward-backward pass" (whatever the hell that is) and a very untimely fumble by Willis. I thought you might enjoy a little look into how I enjoyed the game today.

We ended our cable service over a year ago and basically have no television in the house, so I went down the street to the local bar and grill to watch the game today. At 3:30 PM Dallas time, there wasn't a soul in the place. I sat down, ordered a beer and told my wife on the phone "I may be 30 minutes or 3 hours. No idea." Watched the first quarter with basically no one around except the woman behind the bar who was on her phone.

Second quarter rolls around and BAM! first TD for the Broncos! I let out a yelp and a few people came in to ask what was going on. I said "We scored a touchdown" since I was actually, you know, a little surprised. After the second score, more people came in to the bar area and sat down to watch the game. Most people were just shocked by the fact that the team was doing well. Most said things like, "I thought he couldn't throw?" or "These guys aren't bad. Why does everybody rip on them so much?" Mind you, in Dallas, there are the Cowboys and no one else, so very little info gets out here.

At halftime is when I noticed something: the bar seats were all full. And people were watching, really watching. getting drinks, etc. It was cool. By the middle of the third quarter, people were moving from their tables in the dining area to watch the game. By the beginning of the fourth quarter, standing room only. Throughout the fourth quarter, there was a commitment by the crowd to watching the game. People were mesmerized by what they were going to do next. When Willis fumbled, one guy said "That's the Broncos for ya. Its over." I chuckled. I thought "everyone else around the US is thinking the same thing."

As it went into overtime, people were on pins and needles. When they won the toss, I actually thought to myself "No matter what, this has been great for the team and the city. We DB fans needed this." The place got eerily quiet and then.....well, you know.

In a little bar and grill in Dallas, TX, an eruption of cheers broke out as if we all were in LoDo. I mean, this is Tony Romo country!!!! (well, sort of) People high-fiveing, hugging each other, screaming, just overjoyed with the way the game turned out. But most of all, it was what they said that caught me off guard. The vast majority of people were saying "Good for him. He deserves this!!" As I spoke with the people around me, they all seemed to express the same thing: if this was any other guy, he would have given up a long time ago. People are rooting for the kid. Most don't want to admit it. Many feel he's fake. He's not. Many feel he has no shot to succeed. He does. For most people, regardless of your upbringing or beliefs, Tim is who most of us want to be. In a cynical world, he is the antithesis of what we expect out of our stars, and that makes us uncomfortable because it means that we CAN be kind and gracious and personable and positive and still succeed, when so many people tell us we can't. Its a lesson I want my children to learn, and something I, myself, sometimes forget.

Ladies and gentlemen, regardless of what the media says, there are people rooting for this kids. LOTS of people. Embrace him for what he is and enjoy it. I'm not trying to be too touchy-feely, but as long as he is a member of the Broncos, fans worldwide will be watching, for all the reasons we would want them to. He makes the team relevant. He makes them work harder than this team has worked in a long time. The faces of the players on the sidelines during and after the game told the story. They get it, as should we. Before anyone goes off on his next bad performance (whenever that is), just remember he is trying to win harder than anyone else out on that field, no matter what anyone says or does. That is what I am most proud of as a Bronco fan tonight. I forgot about this, and today made me realize it.

Now, on to New England.

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