Things I loved about yesterday.

1. I loved the fact that we had way, way, way more fans at the game than the Steelers. I was at the AFC 2005 game - and it was rough. I was at Mile High Station before the game and thought "Wow, we are dominating, I hope the game is the same". And it was. Whatever they did to limit ticket sales to locals - they should do it again. Every game. :-)

2. I loved the fact my wife got to see me scream and jump like a total idiot the whole game. I hugged complete strangers at the end the game from the row behind me, and in front of me. I loved them too.

3. I loved the way the stadium felt at half time. It wasn't "we've won it" over-confidence, it wasn’t (totally) nervous "we can still lose it" - it was reveling in the moment. It was like a party. I loved it.

4. I loved the way we won. It had a bit of everything. If we blew them out and we limped home - it just wouldn't have been the same. It *felt* like a comeback. We had a fumble, it wasn't perfect. There were blown calls. It wasn't a 'everything went right' game. It showed that even with Tebow having a blinder, we (and he) - still have room to improve.

5. I loved the beer. Man, it tasted good. I didn't love it at 1am when my infant daughter woke up - but hey, that was today, not yesterday.

6. I loved seeing DT play well. I know Tebow gets all the love/hate… but everything I've read about this guy is that he is a genuinely good guy. It was great to see him do so well, and charge down the field like they scary big WR we knew he could be. I got texts from some mates who went to Georgia Tech asking me to thank them for him. I loved them.

7. I loved coming home, and sucking every last replay on TV, every online article report, and post here on MHR - consuming them all till 1am. I re-read the game threads (all of them) - like I do if I get to chance to get to a game - from start to finish. I love - especially - reading the posts that came in right after the OT TD. Awesome.

8. I loved calling my Father-in-law after the game to thank him for his tickets (he was feeling ill), and having him answer the phone "Go Broncos". The man gave me not only his daughter, but Playoff tickets. I love him.

9. I loved the fact that going to bed, I'd be waking up to even more news coverage, articles, post again, and on this site.

10. I loved, loved, loved Elway's reaction. Now, I'll get crap for this, but I felt like Elway simply didn’t want Tebow to succeed. I don't think he was nasty, petty, small-minded, or jealous at all. I just think on a subconscious level, he wasn't ready to let his title of "The man" go - and here was a potential threat to that status. I'm not suggesting he would ever be - but I suspected that John may have felt deep down he may be one day. Peter King made a recent statement along those lines about Dan Marino and how he probably feels about Drew Brees breaking his passing record. It's not bitter, or envious, it's just that deep down, it's sad to see someone taking something that you held for so long. Which is completely understandable. That's all I'm saying. But watching Elway jump for joy like I was on the sideline, and the footage of him in the room after the game- I feel like Elway is in. I feel like after his statement "just pull the trigger" - and watching what Tebow did - somehow Tebow now is also "his boy". That's how I feel about it, anyway. And I love it.

11. I love the fact I get to share this win with you guys. There are folk I disagree with here, and folk who think so similar my brain must have been genetically spliced around 40 years ago from the same cell. But coming home and reading the posts, and feeling the joy from a lot of who whose posts I have read for so long now I feel like I know you. I love it.

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