Broncos vs Steelers Studs and Duds

Tim Tebow can't throw. The Denver Broncos have no chance of beating the Pittsburgh Steelers. Demaryius Thomas is a bust. The Denver Broncos are the worst playoff team ever. These are all examples of things that people were saying before Sunday and they are all things that were proven 150% false. The Denver Broncos shocked the world on Sunday and defeated the reigning AFC Champion Pittsburgh Steelers by a score of 29-23. In a game where few people thought we had the chance, the Broncos not only beat the Steelers, they dominated them for a large part of the game. Tim Tebow set a career high in passing yardage against the NFL's number 1 pass defense. Saying this was a "great game" wouldn't do this game justice. This was one of the best games in this franchise's history. It's certainly one of the best moments of the past decade. Let's jump right into the Studs and Duds.


Tim Tebow

"Tim Tebow can't throw."

"Tim Tebow isn't a starting quarterback."

"Tim Tebow should be benched for Brady Quinn."

Try this one on for size. "Tim Tebow completed 10 passes for 316 yards, 2 touchdowns and rushed for a touchdown against the #1 defense in the NFL".

Not bad for a "fullback".

Tim Tebow played fantastic football. This was one of his best games as a pro. Not only did he make perfect throws, I saw some real development from Tebow. I saw him go through progressions. I saw him look off safeties. I saw him hit a back shoulder throw. I don't care what Merril Hoge, Trent Dilfer, Stephen A Smith or Pete Prisco say, Tim Tebow is a starting NFL Quarterback and he will be the Broncos starting quarterback in 2012 no matter what else happens.

I will say it for the last time. Tebow Time is here to stay.

Demaryius Thomas

Wow. Demaryius Thomas single-handily slaughtered the Pittsburgh Steelers secondary. Steeler CB Ike Taylor is going to need a very expensive therapist after this game. Thomas had a ridiculous game catching 4 passes for 204 yards and a touchdown with the touchdown coming on an 80 yard strike from Tebow on the opening play of overtime. Demaryius Thomas straight up balled on Sunday. He made the Steelers look downright foolish. He showed speed, quickness, and surprisingly effective route running. If Thomas can be this explosive on a consistent basis, we have ourselves a true #1 WR.

Robert Ayers

We just witnessed the best game of Robert Ayers' life. Often recognized as a great run stuffer, Robert Ayers flashed his pass rush ability in a big way against the Steelers getting not 1, but 2 sacks on the day. He finished the day with 3 tackles, 2 sacks, 2 TFL and 3 QB hits. I have no idea where this came from. I always thought Ayers was hesitant when trying to rush the passer, but he went straight balls to the wall against the Steelers. His first sack was an absolutely dominant play where he plowed into the Steelers guard, chucked him aside and got the sack. Ayers now has 3 sacks in the last 2 weeks. Let's hope he adds to that total next week against New England.

Offensive Line

The OL deserves a lot of credit because they had a fantastic game. They absolutely stifled the Pittsburgh pass rush and gave Tebow all the time in the world to pass. Ryan Clady dominated James Harrison on numerous occasions and Russ Hochstein deserves a lot of credit for stepping in for Chris Kuper and doing a pretty good job. The OL is going to need to dominate next week in the run game at New England.

Brodrick Bunkley

First he's a run stuffer, now he's helping in the pass rush. Seriously, we need to pay this man. Trading for Broderick Bunkley will go down as one of the best moves Brian Xanders has ever made. Bunkley is an absolute beast in the trenches. He totaled 2 tackles, 1 sack and 1 TFL on the night. Going into the season, Defensive Tackle was the biggest area of concern. Bunkley with the help of Marcus Thomas has turned Defensive Tackle position into a strength. We need to pay whatever it costs to keep this man. He's a monster.

Champ Bailey, Andre Goodman and Chris Harris

These 3 guys played a great game. Champ Bailey made some excellent plays in coverage and while I wish he would have caught that interception in the end zone, he made some great plays and shut down Mike Wallace. Goodman had a great day. He was tight in his coverage and even got an interception, but it was brought back on an offsides penalty. Finally, Chris Harris had another good day. The undrafted free agent keeps playing well and continues to make plays.

Quinton Carter and David Bruton

In the 3 games the Broncos lost at the end of the year, the safeties were highly criticized for their extremely poor play. However, it seems they have finally hit their groove. Quinton Carter recorded his 1st interception of his professional career. He also displayed some fierce hits which made him so feared in college. He finished the day with 5 tackles and the aforementioned interception. David Bruton has really stepped up his game. He has done a fantastic job of stepping in for Brian Dawkins. He led the team with 8 tackles against the Steelers.

Von Doom

Denver's fierce pass rush duo caused havoc all day against the Steelers. Von Miller recorded his 12.5 sack of the year along with 3 tackles and 2 TFL. On the other hand, Dumervil had 2 tackles, 1 sack and 1 TFL. When Von Doom is healthy, there isn't a single offense that can stop them. Let's hope Doom gets another hit on Brady this week.




The referees were absolutely horrible for the 4th week in a row. In addition to several missed facemask and holding calls, the refs totally blew a play in which the Broncos legally recovered a lateral because they blew the whistle to soon. Denver needs to have a good set of refs for a change because the recent referees have sucked big time.

Joe Mays

Joe Mays brings a great amount of physicality to our team, but he is the worst tackler on the Broncos by far. The problem with Mays is he takes horrible angles that put him in poor positions to make plays. There were a number of times where Mays could have stopped a guy for a short to medium gain, but he failed to make the tackle and it turned into a big gain. Mays has had his moments this year, but he won't be the starting MLB in 2012.

Willis McGahee

Willis, you've been a great pick up. I love how you were highly underrated and were proving all the critics who said you were too old to be wrong, but you got to stop fumbling the ball. As John Bena said on MHR Radio last night, it's becoming a problem. You need to hold onto the football.

Matt Willis

Matt is a decent 4th WR but he got called for a bad penalty that negated a first down, dropped a pass in the end zone(although there was great coverage) and made a bad decision to run the ball out of the endzone on the kickoff. Willis' hasn't had many poor games so let's hope he bounces back next week.

That is all folks. A lot of good and not too much bad just the way I like it. What a game. What a weekend. What a memory this will be. The Broncos defied the odds and beat the team with the #1 defense in the NFL. Next up, beating one of the best offenses in the NFL in the New England Patriots. The Broncos are a 13 point underdog heading into the week of preparation. I say go ahead and doubt us. Go ahead and count us out. You've seen what happens when you doubt us. Let's shock the world one more time next week and beat the Pats at their house!!! Until next time, MHR.

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