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Decker's Absence Leaves Gap at Wide Receiver

It is nothing new this season for the Denver Broncos to be thin at wide receiver, they have been since they traded Brandon Lloyd for what eventually became a fifth round draft pick. You will remember even Tim Tebow lined up at wide receiver earlier in the season. When Eric Decker went down with a sprained MCL in the first play of the second quarter yesterday Tebow became by default the fourth most experienced receiver on Denver's roster.

Early Monday head coach John Fox ruled Decker as "Day-to-day," despite what look to be like a bad injury, all reports are that Decker had an MRI today to reveal a sprain, not a tear. So it's not likely he will play Saturday night, but he could be available in the event that the Broncos are able to advance to the AFC Championship game.

As John mentioned earlier Denver has three wide receivers on the active roster Eddie Royal, Demaryius Thomas and Matthew Willis. They also currently employ to receivers on their practice squad D'Andre Goodwin and Greg Orton--both undrafted rookies.

Around these parts we debated this morning about some of the big names currently available via free agency, players like Terrell Owens and Randy Moss. Though that might be a little too much for a conservative Broncos team, the fact that a move will be made at wide receiver this week is inevitable.

Make no mistake though Denver's situation at receiver is much more dire than you would think. Fans will feel comfortable with familiar names of Eddie Royal and Demaryius Thomas--especially after his performance yesterday against Pittsburgh, but before yesterday Royal had a seasonal grand total of 155 yards on 19 receptions. Even Willis had higher season totals than Royal, finishing the regular season with 18 receptions and 267 yards.

Though Royal did step up big time against the Steelers, Willis may be the x-factor in this whole playoff run. Thomas will draw double coverage from the New England Patriots no doubt and Royal should be primed for another big game against the Patriots weak defense.

Willis is the man who will need to lock it down, he's been stellar in nearly every fourth quarter comeback this season (including the first game against the San Diego Chargers which I've mentioned probably too many times on these here pages); his drop against the Kansas City Chiefs late in the fourth is a catch that he makes nine times out of ten. Had he simply made that the Broncos probably would have been one win stronger in the comeback department and in the win column.

So what say you Broncos Country? Where do the Broncos go with their wide receiver position? Promote Goodwin or Orton? Look to bring someone in via free agency? Let's hear it!