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Denver Broncos Defensive Coordinator Dennis Allen To Interview With St. Louis Rams

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The success of the Denver Broncos is starting to catch the attention of teams with vacant head coach positions. Last week we learnt that Mike McCoy was going to interview with the Jaguars for their head coaching slot. Now tonight, according to Jim Thomas, a St. Louis Rams beat writer, this came out.

The brain fart he speaks of is he said that Allen was the offensive coordinator the first time which he is not obviously.

Allen will interview Thursday for the position. This news comes as a bit of a surprise because of Jeff Fisher looking more and more like he will take the Rams vacant position.

Fans will question why Allen is supposed to be interviewing this Thursday since the Broncos have a game this Saturday night against the Patriots. Mike McCoy's interview with the Jags got bumped back to next week because of the win. However, Gary Miller tweeted that Dennis Allen can and will interview this Thursday. No panic is needed however from fans as by the time Thursday roles around for a Saturday game, the game plan is already installed allowing the perfect time for Allen to interview and be back in Denver for the playoff gave vs the Pats.

It would be an unfortunate loss for the Broncos as they would continue to have to start from scratch with a new coordinator every year since 2005. Since 2006, the Broncos have gone through Larry Coyer, Jim Bates, Bob Slowik, Wink Martindale and Mike Nolan.

Again, this came from a beat writer and could be fabricated possibly forcing Fisher's hand as his decision is expected to come early this week possibly as soon as tomorrow.