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On This Day in Broncos History: October 11

Denver, New England and an Overtime Win

Jared Wickerham - Getty Images

October 11, 2009 -- Kyle Orton tells a joke, the Broncos win a game. The situation was this: the 4-0-0 Broncos were hosting the 3-1-0 New England Patriots. Denver had fallen behind 17-10 with 9:59 left in the game. They found themselves starting a drive at their own 2-yard line. According to reports from the players, QB Kyle Orton told a joke in the huddle -- though none of them were willing to repeat it. What transpired after that moment was a 12-play, 98-yard drive that was capped by an 11-yard touchdown pass -- Orton to Brandon Marshall -- that tied the score 17-17. The Broncos held on to secure a tie. After winning the overtime coin toss, Denver moved quickly down the field and won the game on a 41-yard field goal by Matt Prater. This game was notable for two reasons: it was the first time that first-year head coach Josh McDaniels had faced his former mentor, Bill Belichick, and it represented the 6th time in 7 games that a Broncos team had bested New England QB Tom Brady.

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