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On This Day in Broncos History: October 13

What Hall of Fame QB did the Broncos intercept 15 times in their first six meetings?

Doug Pensinger - Getty Images

October 13, 1968 -- this story has its start back in 1964. In August of 1964, the Broncos traded Bud McFaddin and their 1965 1st round draft pick to the Houston Oilers in return for a two-year contract with Houston QB Jacky Lee. The Oilers traded that draft pick to the New York Jets who turned it into QB Joe Namath. On October 13, 1968, the Broncos faced Namath for the sixth time.

The Broncos' 21-13 victory over Namath and the Jets evened their record against the future Hall of Famer at 3-3-0. Not only that, but in that series of games, the Broncos only surrendered 7 passing touchdowns (and allowed no touchdown passes in two of the games) while intercepting Namath 15 times -- including five times in the October 13, 1968 game.

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