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The Guru Predicts.... Week 7 In The NFL

The Guru continues to give you all his winners and losers in the NFL in 2012

Even the Air Force flies in to get their winners from The Guru!
Even the Air Force flies in to get their winners from The Guru!
Justin Edmonds

A weekend chock-full of upsets in Week 6 probably got a bunch of you last week. The Broncos saved me from a REALLY bad week, though anytime you go sub-.500 it's reason to beat the dog. Philly, Arizona, New England and Pittsburgh all lost late costing me wins. Oh well, on to Week 7. The Broncos might be taking the weekend off, but not me! Here are your winners:

WEEK 3 6-8 After going 23-5 in Weeks 4 and 5, I crash back to earth a bit
TOTAL 54-36 Solid after 6 weeks
SEAHAWKS @ 49ERS Jim Harbaugh has lost 4 games as head coach in San Francisco. His teams are 4-0, averaging 4 points allowed the following week. I'll take those numbers.
TITANS @ BILLS Who are the Buffalo Bills? After getting embarrassed two weeks in a row, the gird up their loins and find a way to win in Arizona last week. At 3-3, they are tied for first in the AFC East. That doesn't change the fact that Mario Williams has been a $100 million no-show and the team mad the desperation move of re-signing Shawne Merriman. Still, I like the Bills.
BROWNS @ COLTS The Colts have looked good until the Jets beat them down last weekend. Those things happen to a rookie quarterback. I like what the Browns have going, however, and Trent Richardson is an absolute stud. Call it a hunch, but with everyone on notice in Cleveland with new ownership, coaches and players have plenty of motivation.
PACKERS @ RAMS Aaron Rodgers put it on himself last Sunday night to play better and be a better leader for the Packers. The result was Rodgers discount-double-checking all over Gary Kubiak's ass. Green Bay found its' mojo and should continue to roll against a game St. Louis Rams team.
CARDINALS @ VIKINGS After getting hit 30 times the past two weeks, Kevin Kolb got hurt on - you guessed it - a botched running play. John Skelton is now back in the saddle but he won't be for long behind that offensive line. Minnesota is the surprise team of the season, and Jared Allen may break the single-season sack record in one game.
REDSKINS @ GIANTS The New York Giants are the David Banner of the NFL. Don't make them won't like them when they are angry. If they don't see you as a threat, you'll probably beat them. If they do, well, ask the Niners. The Redskins, even with Rex Grossman, swept the Giants in 2011. The Giants remember. Now the 'Skins have RGIII - another quarterback getting more headlines than 2-time champion Eli Manning. Uh-Oh, Shanny.
SAINTS @ BUCCANEERS The Saints finally got a win a couple weeks ago against San Diego. Can they use that to catapult their season? With the Broncos on deck, the Saints need this divisional win if they are going to have any shot of getting back in this thing. Tampa plays hard but never bet against Drew Brees in a must win situation... This week, anyway.
COWBOYS @ PANTHERS Dallas found a way to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again, and Jerry Jones has to be wearing thin of Jason Garrett's complete lack of football acumen late in games. Cam Newton is finding out that defensive coordinators in the NFL are pretty smart guys. Whoever has the ball last will probably lose this game.
RAVENS @ TEXANS Baltimore got not just one, but TWO kicks right to the stones with the loss of Ray Lewis and Lardarious Webb for the season. Oh yea, and Ed Reed admitted he is playing through a torn labrum. Sweet. Terrell Suggs wants to play Sunday, but at 5-1, the Ravens can probably afford to be cautious. Houston was crushed at home last week and are dealing with some injuries of their own. Kub's will have his band of merry Texans ready.
JAGUARS @ RAIDERS It's bad enough I am picking the Raiders. No need to give reasons why.
JETS @ PATRIOTS new England handed a win away last week. Tom Brady is hearing how he's no good in crunch time. Rex Ryan is even talking some smack after the Jets beat the Colts last Sunday. New York still has Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow, however. Take New England.
STEELERS @ BENGALS Pittsburgh will have 10 days to marinate over their loss to the Titans last Thursday. Cincinnati has looked bad in losses to the Dolphins and Browns. If either team wants to catch Baltimore they have to win this game. I like the Steelers to get the job done with the extra rest.
LIONS @ BEARS Detroit found a way to get a big win on Sunday. Chicago is coming off the BYE. Each week the question is which Jay Cutler will show up. Against an awful Lions secondary, I'll assume it is good Jay.

There ya have it! Agree? Disagree? Let me know in the comments! GO BRONCOS!