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Denver Broncos Bye Week Prediction Contest

Win some Broncos swag by predicting the score of the Bengals-Steelers Sunday Night game in Week 7

Win a Broncos Foam finger, T-shirt and an NFL Commemorative tin in this week's MHR Prediction contest.
Win a Broncos Foam finger, T-shirt and an NFL Commemorative tin in this week's MHR Prediction contest.
Kaptain Kirk 10/19/2012

The Denver Broncos are on sabbatical this week getting a chance to recuperate and recharge mentally for the remainder of the season. Meanwhile life goes on in the NFL and here at Mile High Report as well.

Even though the Broncos aren't playing this week, I felt that continuing the Prediction contest was the proper thing to do. The next obstacle was to figure out which game to use for the contest. Monday Night Football would infringe on our preparation for the Saints in Week 8, so my solution is for you to prognosticate the outcome of the Sunday night game of the week. This was the best option in my opinion, simply because it is a nationally televised game and therefore, you will probably be watching it anyway.

The matchup that the league has saddled us with on Sunday is an AFC North rivalry. The Pittsburgh Steelers travel down the Ohio River to face the Cincinnati Bengals. It should be a pretty good contest. They are division rivals and the spread is 1.5 points.

Last week, beerb4luvin nailed the exact score of the Broncos-Chargers Monday night game and should be receiving the autographed Von Miller jersey any day now. This week's prizes are a Denver Broncos #1 Foam finger and an NFL Commemorative tin containing an Orange Denver Broncos T-shirt.

Let's go over the Ground Rules:

  • List the winning team first. This will make it easier to filter through 225+ comments. Example: Bengals 27 Steelers 10. If you think Pittsburgh will win: Steelers 14 Bengals 13.
  • Please, only one entry per contest.
  • The closest score without going over will be the winner.
  • Any ties will be resolved by a drawing.
  • For those of you who are avid readers, but haven't taken the time to register to comment, there will be more of these, so you might reconsider. There is enough advance notice for the 24 hour probation period for commenting to elapse and still submit an entry for this week.
  • Members with multiple user names (accounts) who give multiple guesses, will be disqualified.

Good luck everybody and...

Go Broncos!

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