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Denver Broncos Week 4 Rookie Report

The Broncos rookies reps are increasing as the season progresses. How did they fare in week 4?

Justin Edmonds - Getty Images

DEREK WOLFE - Before this game, Wolfe had been involved in 84% of the teams defensive snaps. He had a nice game against Oakland and was part of the Broncos finally finding a way to stop Darren McFadden. Derek only had one tackle and plugged the gap well. Wolfe still seem to be overmatched as a pass rusher.

RONNIE HILLMAN - Ronnie Hillman made his first big impact with the Broncos. Hillman finally showed that quick burst that has drawn him the comparisons to Darren Sproles. Hillman finished the day with 10 carries for 31 yards and 2 receptions for 32 yards.

OMAR BOLDEN - Bolden again was exclusively a returner but only had one return for 16 yards.

DANNY TREVATHAN - Trevathan had one tackle that came near the end of the game. He also touched the field in the nickle package replacing Brooking.

STEVEN JOHNSON - Steven Johnson got his first game action of the season with Joe Mays being out. Johnson played only on special teams from what I saw.


Robert Griffin had a nice game against the Buccaneers outside of his fumble. He was dangerous in the rushing game too running for 43 yards Griffin then lead a game winning drive with 1:43 seconds to kick for the win. He went 26 of 35 for 323 yards.

Brandon Weeden also had a solid game in front of a national audience. He threw the ball a whopping 52 times and came close to beating the Ravens. He completed 25 passes for 312 yards but what ended up hurting the team most is the pick 6 he threw.

Ryan Tannehill opened a lot of eyes in week 4. Tannehill was 26 of 41 for 431 yards with an interception and touchdown.

Trent Richardson had 14 carries for 47 yards and a touchdown. The man runs with a lot of power. I would love to see him have one huge breakout game.

Alfred Morris continues to look like the best running back of the class (or is it just Shanahans system ;) ). He had 114 yards and a touchdown for the 'Skins.

New England defensive end Chandler Jones had another sack to add to his total that is now 3. Also, Patriots linebacker Donta Hightower had his first career sack. Also, the Patriots had a rookie running back explode onto the scene.Brandon Bolden had 16 carries for 137 yards and a touchdown.

Did you guys notice any notable rookie performances worth noting? Who is the most impressive rookie so far?