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Winner Announced in Seventh Match Up of MHR's 2nd Annual Fan Favorite Denver Broncos Cheerleader Tournament

I suppose it had to happen eventually, although I didn't see it coming. Despite all the amazing women we have on our squad, we have had our first blow out of the tournament. The winner, by a large margin this week was...



So first of all, as usual, let me congratulate everyone who was rooting for Candace. I believe the results this week have much more to do with how great she is than anything else. Christina B. was extremely close to going deep in last year's tournament, and in another match up or time I still believe she could have pulled it off, so let me share my condolences to those of us who were wanting her to win. As with every match up of this tournament, it seems completely unfair that such a worthy woman was voted out so early. I seriously hope they can both return to our squad next season, and best of luck to Candace in the next round..

And here's a quick peek at our updated bracket. As always, if you can't see the whole thing, just click on the picture and it should take you to the source image: